How to propose to a cake lover!!!

Published on 16th March '15
How to propose to a cake lover!!!

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

So what girl doesn't love sweets, chocolates and cupcakes!!

So we thought we give all you men looking for some proposal inspiration a HOW TO on proposing to a girl with a sweet tooth!

If she's always dreamt of that little blue box...

Then she will absolutely love this Tiffany & Co inspired Proposal Cake by GC Couture...

complete with the ring hidden inside!!!

proposal cake copy

Know her favourite film/book??

At Florian's picnic proposal we had these amazing cupcakes made by Eat Moore Cakes which were all themed Alice in Wonderland!!





Saying it with cupcakes!!

One of our clients Rui had his girlfriend walk into the Peggy Porshen cake store in London.

where she saw these handmade cupcakes spelling out those four famous words!!

2014-04-27 16.26.17

2014-04-27 16.25.30

What about a cake of the actual moment...

We absolutely LOVE this cake we found by A Fine Piece cakes of a proposal, (especially her face)and complete with the ring!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 14.59.22

We hope these cake inspired proposals have given you some great ideas for your own proposal!!

If you want help creating any of these proposals or need some ideas on how to make your proposal something personalised to your partner that they will love then our Proposal Planners are here for you!

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