Wedding Dress Proposal

Published on 4th June '15
Wedding Dress Proposal

THROWBACK THURSDAY time! Iain, from Scotland, got in touch about proposing to his girlfriend. He had no idea how to propose, when or where. He handed the task to us and after picking his brains we realise that Robyn is a girly girl who has dreamt about her wedding day since she was a little girl. So we, The Proposers, thought we would plan the proposal in a wedding dress shop. Little did Robyn know that we had her family and best friend involved to. What an amazing moment. What an amazing moment. Iain and Robyn got to the street where the wedding dress shop was where they were greeted by Ellie, one of our proposal planners and cupcake fairy for the day, offered Robyn her favourite velvet cupcakes. Although, our plan almost back fired when Robyn didn't want to take a cupcake, (eeek.) The cupcakes we almost couldn't tempt Laura with. The cupcakes we almost couldn't tempt Robyn with. As they walked further on, they were stopped by a busker singing - we had the song commissions and written especially for Robyn, she was stunned and couldn't believe it when she heard the words. Busker serenading the couple. Busker serenading the couple. The final stop, was the wedding shop, they looked in the shop window where Robyn saw her sister and best friend dressed up in wedding dresses as mannequins. Our mannequins getting into place. Our mannequins getting into place. Robyn immediately went inside, where Iain got down on one knee and popped the question. Robyn was so surprised- we've never heard so many swear words in our life. We then arranged a little surprise for Robyn and Iain and got a horse and carriage to whisk them away to a michelin star restaurant to celebrate their engagement and magical day. Off they trot into the sunset. Off they trot into the sunset.  


The Proposers.

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