A Book Sale Proposal

Published on 23rd April '15
A Book Sale Proposal

Thursday only means one thing it's THROWBACK THURSDAY time again! #tbt

For this weeks Throwback Thursday we're off to a book sale. Krishan came to us simply knowing he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Menai in a super special way but had no idea how!

Krishan and Menai. Krishan and Menai.

Krishan knew it had to be something that Menai could remember forever we did something better we created a proposal she could actually KEEP forever.

We created their very own story book completely personalised to them about their relationship and love for each other.

When Krishan told Menai they were going for an afternoon walk in Battersea Park Menai had no idea this was about to be one of the biggest days of her life!!

We set up a fake book stall in the Park and the couple 'so happen to pass by the stall'.

Our decorated 'book sale'. Our decorated 'book sale'.

Daisy, one of our Proposal Planners handed them a flyer for the stall and as they walked over Menai spotted the book which had been beautifully created by The Proposers.

photo (3) Their book placed on a beautifully decorated table The book we created... how gorgeous. The book we created about the couple... how gorgeous.

She couldn't believe her eyes as she read it and it was all about her and Krishan!! On the last page, was those four famous words, 'will you marry me?'

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 15.40.48 Krishan's cue to get down on one knee!

And of course she said yes!!!

You can even watch the whole thing on video below!!


What a fab moment, and an amazing memory to be able to keep and share with loved ones forever.

Krishan told us "thank you so much, the organisation of this day was perfect and everything went according to plan. It is amazing that we can always have the book as a keepsake. Thank you again girls, I so appreciate it.'

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