Love Island Proposal

Published on 27th July '17
Love Island Proposal
If you have been living under a rock for the past 7 weeks and you have never heard of Love Island then you need to check this out! For 7 weeks a group of complete strangers, sign themselves up to live in a beautiful Villa in Mallorca to find the love of their life. Each boy and girl has to couple up with each other, while facing a range of barriers ahead of their Love Island journey. The islanders face break ups, couple switching, dumping from the island, a lot of gossiping and even more love! At the end of the 7 weeks the couple who gets the most votes wins £50,000! This years Love Island was completely gripping, i'm sure if you watched you would agree with us... but even if you didn't watch it, you definitely wouldn't have missed it ALL over your social media! We are not complaining about this because we LOVED IT! After all... we are all about LOVE. After the 7 weeks, the nation fell in love with Amber and Kem, who were the Love Island 2017 winners! We were completely behind the couple the entire way. When Kem asked Amber to be his girlfriend, this was the most romantic gesture ever! Take a look at the moment when the happy couple made things official!

What a beautiful moment! Kem you know where we are...

Talking of popping that important question, during series 1 of Love Island there was an actual proposal! Jonathan chose to couple up with Hannah as soon as their eyes locked on one another. The couple stayed together for the 6 weeks that they were on the island. As the final approached the producers of the show hosted and aired a 'fake wedding' for each of the couples. The girls got themselves all glammed up in stunning wedding dresses, while the men got suited and booted for their wedding! Jon decided to propose to Hannah in the villa during their wedding... AND SHE SAID YES! Take a look at the moment when Jon popped the all important question! Now that is real LOVE Island...

But... What we want to talk about is...

Is Love Island real love, or is it for the money?

The controversial question of love or money will constantly be an ongoing argument for Love Island viewers. Well... from our romance expert opinion, we definitely think it is all love... in the end!

We'll be tuning in next year.