Magical Harry Potter Inspired Proposal

Published on 15th November '18
Magical Harry Potter Inspired Proposal

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Harry Potter is one of the biggest names in the world, having been filmed in some of the

most iconic locations in London, including the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

With our partnership with the grand hotel, the team can offer a Harry Potter inspired

proposal package within the grounds.

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Gary wanted to surprise Elsie with the ultimate Harry Potter surprise. So we transformed their hotel room and invited them both on a magical journey through the hotel.

Walking into a hotel room filled to the brim with Harry Potter books, props and gadgets before being handed a personalised note from Hogwarts School is a dream come true from any Harry Potter fan.

In the room, Elsie found her acceptance letter to Hogwarts as well as her suitcase packed and ready. But before she could get whisked off to the school of witchcraft and wizardry she needed to find her wand! Which had been hidden somewhere within the hotel.

room Elise's acceptance letters

Our couple set out on a magical journey throughout the hotel, with the first stop being the bar for a quick class in potion making and enchanting cocktails.

st.pancras 87 "We were utterly spellbound by The Proposers work!!"

While watching the cocktails being lit up like a magical potion and

drinking a concoction of different flavours, Elsie was handed another not from Professor Dumbledore, urging her to finish her drink and head for the staircase, where yet another surprise awaits.

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Gary took Elsie by the hand and walked her overt the grand staircase where they where greeted by two Hogwarts students and on one of the step, Elsie found her wand!

Gary bend down on one knee and pop the question with some help from the Hogwarts students and a hand-made sign!

st.pancras 174 HARRY P

To capture every magical moment

photographer Zak Epic from Epic Moments stood at the ready.

There is no doubt if you wish to propose in such a unique and personalised way, we

are sure to create a day you and your partner will never forget!

HARRY POTTER The Grand Staircase in St Pancras. outdoor The magical hotel steps 1 1 Hogwarts students  

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