National Proposal Day

16th March '16

National Proposal Day is quickly creeping up on us, but does anyone actually know where this day came from?

We’re here to shed some light on the tradition behind this wonderful day and to provide you with tips on how to organise the best, National Proposal Day,  marriage proposal ever!

National Proposal Day occurs each year on the 20th March. It is not as well known as other romantic holidays (i.e. Valentine’s Day), but it is still quite literally the perfect day to pop the question to your loved one.


The tradition of National Proposal Day allegedly came about decades ago after a man named John Michael O’Loughlin watched his cousin wait years for her boyfriend to propose, until she eventually gave up and moved on.

O’Loughlin said National Proposal Day is designed to be a day where couples, who are yet to get engaged, but who really should be, will hopefully be forced to have a conversation about where their future is going.

So why the 20th March? According to O’Loughlin it is because it is the first day of spring, and this is where day and night are of equal length worldwide, symbolizing the equal efforts of the two required to comprise the successful marriage.proposal

How should you propose on National Proposal Day?

In a park

As the 20th March is the beginning of springtime, it seems only fitting to propose somewhere that reflects that, and where better than a beautiful park in the middle of London?NishProposal_21

Imagine strolling through the park to see a group of buskers singing your partners favourite song. As you get closer to them, one of the singers break away from the group to hand your partner a gift.

As your partner unwraps the gift, a frame is revealed containing a photo of the two of you together. Whilst your partner is busy with the gift you can get down on one knee behind them so that when they turn around they will be shocked to see you down on one knee.

With a fantastic view

Proposing at one of the highest places in London will literally make you feel on top of the world. Not only gives you fantastic views, but it also creates an incredible proposal story.tomcoby3-1024x683

We have created a number of proposals in The Shard. Whether you want to propose in a restaurant, a hotel room or even at The View From The Shard itself we can beautifully decorate any area to your tastes. Take a look here for more information.

On a boat

Taking a private row on a beautiful lake in the middle of Regents Park or Hyde Park is a great way to pop the question.

You can get friends and family involved too by asking them to row over with gifts that symbolise your relationship. You can also get them to bring over flowers and champagne once your partners said yes!

In a private garden

Do you have a beautiful garden, or does your partner have a favourite song that you want to replicate?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to propose in the middle of a secluded garden, in a great location, (like this one that overlooks The Shard). We can decorate the garden gorgeously with fairy lights and lanterns so that it looks like a dream when you walk in. To make the proposal even more special we can hire singers to surprise your partner by performing their favourite song.

Extraordinary Marriage Proposals From Around The World 

In the spirit of National Proposal Day our partners, Purely Diamonds, have commissioned this amazing infographic about the weird and wonderful marriage proposal traditions from around the world. info

If you would like help planning your own romantic proposal contact us at We have planned over 650 proposals in the last four years with a 100% ˜YES’ success rate so you are in safe hands with us! Visit for more information.

If you would like to propose with a beautiful diamond ring visit our partners, Purely Diamonds, stunning collection here.

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