THE Hungerford Bridge Proposal

Published on 28th May '15
THE Hungerford Bridge Proposal


Wow, wow, wow, you're in for a treat for this weeks Throwback Thursday.

Noah came to us, he had lots of idea but didn't know how to plan it go smoothly. He wanted his love Naomi (who was pregnant at the time with the couple's first baby) - to have the best day ever.

We arranged for the couple to go for drinks in a posh restaurant, whilst there Noah excused himself to the bathroom. Although he didn't go to the bathroom - he left the hotel and headed to the proposal spot, Hungerford Bridge, where he met our proposal planners.

London's amazing Hungerford Bridge. London's amazing Hungerford Bridge.

Our Proposal Planner then handed Naomi, which explained that she needed to get into a cab with him. Whilst in the taxi, he handed Naomi an iPad with a beautiful and heart felt message from Noah - if this part of the video doesn't make you cry, we don't know what will!!

Naomi receiving her message from Noah. Naomi receiving her message from Noah.

The Bridge was special to Naomi and Noah because it was where they shared one of their first dates and many memories since.

When Naomi arrived she was greeted by another Proposal Planner who led her to the bridge where a singer handed her a rose, and as Naomi walked, another singer handed her a rose, and another and another, until all the singers were singing and walking towards the centre of the bridge with Naomi.

The first singer bringing Naomi her first rose. The first singer bringing Naomi her first rose. Many singers ... many roses. Many singers ... many roses.

Noah was walking from the other side, and when they met in the middle Noah asked Naomi to marry him. It was an amazing moment, and everyone involved shed a tear (including us.)

Wow, what an amazing proposal. Wow, what an amazing proposal.

We are so happy for you both, massive congratulations.

Watch it here!

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