Now What? Things To Expect After The Engagement

21st October '13

324856d10955985c7ac1b2127892827eIt is true that tying the knot with your future spouse can be fun and exciting. However, the thought of the wedding day drawing nearer can also give you the heebie-jeebies and you start to worry about even the most mundane things. So in case you and your partner got stuck in a post-engagement rut, here are a few things you should expect after you say yes.

The Parents Trap

Believe it or not, mothers are usually the first ones to ask questions about the wedding. According to Rebecca Menkens, a wedding marketing director in North Carolina, the first thing my mother-in-law wanted to know when we announced our engagement was what kind of dress she should shop for. And my fiance’s grandmother wouldn’t stop asking us about the date. She told us to hurry because her calendar was filling up already.

If this sounds familiar to you, marriage stress specialist Myrna Ruskins New York warned that you’re probably bombarded with questions from all sides. If people keep pressuring you about the date, don’t be intimidated. Instead, say, ‘Once we come off our cloud, you’ll be the first to know the wedding date.’ Whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to bask in your new status and enjoy those first few weeks free from planning pressure.


He Says, She plans

More often than not, women do the dirty works of wedding planning and men just stand on the sidelines, and wait for things to get settled. Ruskin explained that often the bride is motivated before the groom because he feels like he’s already done enough work for the moment — he planned the proposal! It’s not that he isn’t excited about the wedding, he just has to refuel and absorb what has happened.

Before asking for other ideas from your relatives, you might want to discuss privately both of your wedding priorities. Researching venues, themes, and even the bridal dresses should be thoroughly discussed with your soon-to-be spouse. Marks & Spencers Assistant Dresses Buyer Elisa Rhodes also suggested that it is always worth researching your preferred wedding gown style before choosing your outfit.

Finally, it is highly recommended that engaged couples should both be involved in the planning stage to avoid conflicts later on. According to EmilyPost, it doesn’t matter who takes the first step don’t get hung up on who should call whom first.The important thing that both soon-to-be-married couples should remember is that, both parties should get involved in ironing out all the details of the upcoming wedding. After all, it takes two to tango and wedding is a dance involving two people slowly swaying their bodies to the tune of love.

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