Olympic Marriage Proposals

17th August '16

Rio 2016 has been a time of joy. Not only for all of the incredible athletes who have had a chance to show the world what they have been working towards for the past four years, but also for another reason. Love.

So far at Rio we have seen five marriage proposals and with half a week left of the Olympics the proposals might not be over yet!

A marriage proposal is such an important and personalised event, so why shouldn’t the Olympians propose at the place that has consumed their life for at least the past four years, if not more?

The first proposal of the Olympics came from Venue Manager Marjorie Enya, who proposed to her girlfriend Isadora Cerullo, a member of the Brazilian rugby team, by grabbing a microphone and saying a heart felt speech as the crowd around them cheered.


The happy couple after Isadora said YES!

Enya told the BBC that, “As soon as I knew she was in the squad I thought I have to make this special.”

It is that sort of thinking that proves that the Olympics are a fantastic place to propose if the Games are meaningful to that couple.


Everyone loves a heart-felt proposal!

You can see how special proposing at the Olympics is again with the marriage proposal of British Race Walker Tom Bosworth, who posted this cute proposal photo of himself proposing to his partner Harry Dineley on Copacabana Beach.


What a fantastic proposal spot!

Although not quite a proposal as they are already engaged, former long distance runner Dean Golding spelt out that he was tired of waiting for married life by wearing a sign saying, ‘Can we get married now?’ as he cheered on his fiancee, triple gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin, during the individual dressage competition.


He’s definitely her Number 1 fan!

Of the photo Dujardin said, ‘”So Dean wrote this message to me yesterday … so he’s made it very public. It’s going to have to happen next year I think.” Originally the couple were meant to get married after the London 2012 Olympics but Dujardin was always too busy to set the plans in motion.

However, someone who has received a lot of backlash for stealing his girlfriend’s thunder by proposing during an Olympic medal ceremony is Chinese diver Qin Kai.

As his girlfriend of six years, He Zi, was exiting the podium after receiving her silver medal for the 3m springboard diving competition, Qin Kai got down on one knee to pop the question.


This is one of the most beautiful and emotional moments you can witness.

Even though He Zi said yes, and applause erupted from those witnessing the happy occasion, others were not so happy, especially the press who have slated Qin Kai for his choice of proposal location and for putting He Zi on the spot. Many have said that it has completely overshadowed her Olympic win. And it has, but mainly because people have made such a big issue out of it.


Not everybody shared in the couple’s joy.


And others loved it!

Just because the proposal has been seen by millions of people doesn’t mean that it is any less special than one that took place in private. People forget that not only did Qin enter the stage with a ring box, he also went on with a Beauty and the Beast inspired rose encased in glass, probably because it is important to them and their relationship.

Despite the criticism Qin had received Zi said, “”He (Qin) said a lot of things there at the podium. He made a lot of promises, but the thing that has touched me the most is that I think this is the guy I can trust for the rest of my life.”

At the end of the day the couple have dedicated their lives to the Olympics. For the past four years they will have spent hours a day meticulously training to reach this point, so having their proposal in the Olympic stadium will just have been the cherry on top. It will be a moment that Qin Kai and He Zi will remember forever.


Claye wanted to show off his love in the best way possible.

Although some people may think Qin Kai’s proposal has ruined He Zi’s moment on the podium, American jumper Will Claye decided that winning a silver medal for the triple jump was the perfect time to propose to his girlfriend Queen Harrison who had been cheering him on from the stands.


And his happiness was continued when Queen said YES!

Where Qin Kai was criticised for stealing Gold Medalist Shi Tingmao’s moment of glory. The gold medalist in the triple jump Christian Taylor said, “I’m glad he could make the most of this moment. This is the Olympic Games, and you know that’s what it’s about: cherishing every moment.”

At The Proposers we are all about bringing happiness to peoples lives so do not usually discuss anything negative. However, over the last couple of days we have been asked to comment on a number of articles regarding Qin Kai’s proposal, one of which you can see here.

Congratulations to all of the Olympians who have got engaged during the Olympic Games. We think that it’s wonderful that their proposals happened in such a meaningful way to them. It really must feel like the icing on the cake.

If you would like help planning your own romantic proposal, let us know at info@theproposers.co.uk or visit www.theproposers.co.uk to find out more.

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