Our pilot proposal in Sussex

Published on 24th October '14
Our pilot proposal in Sussex

A writer pens his declaration of love in a sonnet or a play; a musician puts together a melody and song; a performer takes the spotlight and shouts it from the rooftops; and the Gods are rumoured to have written it in the stars...

But for Sussex pilot Ian there was only one way he could declare his commitment to air hostess girlfriend Sophia, also known as TP writing it in 40ft letters on a South Downs hill and flying overhead in a private plane. So, that's exactly what The Proposers helped him to do. After finding the perfect spot on the rolling hills just outside Shoreham the creative proposal experts set about creating giant 40ft letters spelling out Will you marry me, TP?, which could be seen from above. After pinning down the material on the hillside it was then just a case of waiting patiently for the plane to circle overhead and for the lucky lady to say yes! get-attachment.aspx We filled every nook and cranny... photo-1 Seriously hard work running up and down the field with huge letters! The all important question The all important question   photo Then it was just a case of waiting for the plane overhead, so we could see this...   The very happy couple The very happy couple

And recycling is very important to The Proposers so there was only one thing to do with all that material once we had confirmation of a yes!


Now, the challenge for Ian and Sophia is how to out-do the proposal with the wedding..!

IMG_2710 One thing is for sure, Sophia will make a beautiful bride. Ian was thrilled with the day. He said: "Thank you so much for your hard work and getting everything organised. It goes without saying it couldn't have been done without you. Once again, a big thank you." If you'd like a sky-high proposal to take everyone's breath away then contact us and we can help you plan the perfect occasion.