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Our Top Tips for how to stay Cool, Calm and Collected when Proposing

16th June '13

Anticipating sweaty palms and a churning stomach when you propose? Don’t fear, follow our simple tips and saying those special words will be a breeze (or at least slightly less terrifying)!

Step One: Talk to her. Okay, this might sound obvious, but make sure you focus on her as if you are speaking to her alone. Don’t be distracted by what is going on around you. Eye contact is essential


Step Two: Know your material. This isn’t a time to improvise! Even if you don’t have a word by word plan of what you are going to say, at least have a rough idea. This should prevent any slips of the tongue when you say those magic words.

Get Writing!

Get Writing!

Step Three: Practice (just make she sure isn’t around!)

Practicing in the mirror can be really helpful

Practicing in the mirror can be really helpful

Step Four: SMILE! It will instantly make you feel more relaxed and when she returns the grin, you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Just like Robert and Gillian when we planned their Notting Hill themed proposal

Robert and Gillian were all smiles during their Notting Hill themed proposal which was planned by The Proposers


Hope this helps those of you who are ready to take the plunge!

Don’t forget that The Proposers can help you plan the whole proposal, so all you have to worry about is saying those special words (and we can even assist you with those as well!)

We do the planning. You pop the question.




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