Moulin Rouge Proposal


When Ahmed came to us, he said that he wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Jessy on Valentines Day!

After getting to know the couple a little more, we found out that they LOVE Moulin Rouge!

We decided to exclusively hire the famous Café de Paris, in the centre of Piccadilly Circus in London.

Jessy believed that she was meeting Ahmed in the venue for lunch, but to her surprise she was greeted by Vegas Show Girls in incredible outfits!

The girls then lead Jessy to the proposal spot in the centre of the ballroom, where she had a private performance to a mix of moulin rouge songs.

During the cabaret performance, the Vegas Show Girls opened their feathers to reveal Ahmed on one knee…

As Ahmed popped the all important question the show girls let of giant confetti cannons…

Jessy said yes!

The happy couple then danced in the middle of the ballroom, to their favourite song.

They then enjoyed a private meal for 2 in the stunning venue, while being serenaded by the Vegas Show Girls!

Congratulations to our happy couple.

Take a look at the teaser video of their proposal…

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Proposing outside in London


Spontaneous acts of love are one of the loveliest kinds! Naresh got in touch with us to plan is dream proposal the day before he wanted to pop the all important question!

Naresh said that he wanted to propose in a private park  in London and that it was extremely intimate, and we knew the perfect place!

In Battersea Park we completely transformed a beautiful Victorian undercover area it with romantic decor and giant silver Marry Me balloon.

After a romantic dinner in London, Naresh took his beautiful girlfriend, Kithy on a ‘stroll’ through the Battersea Park, overlooking the River Thames… the couple then came across the completely lit up, twinkling area.

Playing in the background was the happy couples favourite song, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend.

When Kithy realised this was all for her, she was so surprised!

Naresh then popped the all important question…


Check out that stunning ring!

There was still one more surprise for Kithy… their family who had been hiding, watching the entire proposal!

Congratulations to the happy couple!


We are Europe’s and the UK’s leading Romantic Events and Proposal Planners, with over 1,000 proposals all with a 100% success rate, you will be in safe hands with us. If you have been inspired by this proposal and would like help to plan your own, then get in touch on or check out our website for more information

Proposing at The Shangri La


Darren wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Tanzila, with a beautiful view, of the iconic London skyline, so we knew the perfect place.

Being one of the most iconic buildings in London, The Shangri-la 5* hotel in The Shard is a perfect venue for romance and popping that all important question!

We booked the couple a table at the TING restaurant, which is one of the 3 restaurants located in The Shangri-La. After their dinner with a view, the couple then went back to their suite…

Little did Tanzila know, that our planners had transformed the bedroom into the most elegant proposal spot!

As they entered the room, Tanzila was in complete surprise!

Darren lead her into the heart shaped from rose petals, while enjoying a musician singing their favourite song ‘Marry Me’ by Train.

Darren then popped the all important question… and SHE SAID YES!!!!

Look at that stunning ring!

The couple then enjoyed the iconic views and celebrated their engagement.

Congratulations to Darren & Tanzila.

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Private outdoor proposal


After travelling half way across the world, from Australia to London, Armando wanted to give his girlfriend, Merinda the surprise of her life.

When he got in touch with us to plan his proposal, he mentioned that he wanted to pop the question in a outdoor location. We knew the most perfect area in Battersea Park, that we could transform into a romantic proposal spot for two, overlooking the River Thames!

As Armando and Merinda were walking around Battersea Park they came across a really beautiful structure… little did Merinda know, that this was all for her!

As Merindas favourite flower is a rose, we decorated the structure in beautiful rose garlands!

Armando lead his girlfriend down the walkway and she was in complete surprise to see pictures throughout their relationship hanging from the pillars and a musician serenading them with their favourite love song ‘All of Me’ – John Legend.

Armando then got on one knee and popped the all important question…

and Merinda said yes!

What a beautiful ring!

Congratulations to Armando and Merinda!

The newly engaged couple then enjoyed a glass of Champagne and celebrated their engagement overlooking the River Thames.

If you’re looking for a simple proposal in the outdoors, yet still private, then we know the perfect places in and around London.

We have planned over 1,000 successful marriage proposals, from Iceland to New York. If you have an idea or need a little inspiration for popping the question then get in touch with us on Nothing is off limits!

Proposing at Syon Park


We are super excited to be introducing our new partnership with… (drum roll please)…


We absolutely love Syon, because of its gorgeous and historic features. Built in 1594, Syon House is famously known for being the home to the Duke of Northumberland and now his London family residence. The historic building has the most incredible rooms and grounds which are completely perfect for romantic events.

Syon House has many remarkable rooms however, we think these are the best rooms for romance!

One of our favourite rooms to create a romantic proposal in, would be The Great Hall. Its simplistic features allow us to make the most elegant proposal which is tailored to you and your partner. Whether it be setting up a candle lit dinner for two, or even creating your very own personalised wishing tree to surprise your partner as you pop the question…

The Ante Room has the most incredible architecture with 12 columns holding up the room covered in green scagliola, which gives the room a real interesting touch. This room would be perfect to create a unique, elegant and romantic setting for you when popping the question. The features are a great picture backdrop and it would take your partners breath away!

The Long Gallery is a stunning room in Syon House that is over 40 metres long. With an interesting feature being their secret bookcase door, it is a really great room for a surprise proposal. The incredible architecture surrounding the room is another factor that makes this room truly special. Hung covering the walls are historic portraits of  Dukes and Duchesses and  the Earls of Northumberland.

Located in the centre of Syon House is the Inner Courtyard. We absolutely love this stunning outdoor area as it is perfect to hold a surprise proposal or romantic event. The Inner Courtyard has the most ‘Romeo & Juliet’ feel to it, with the balcony overlooking the fountain.

Syon House is amongst acres of land which is known as Syon Park. As well as the incredible rooms that are located inside Syon House, the park also has the most idyllic areas to create a jaw dropping proposal.

The Great Conservatory  was built in the early 19th century and initially used as a glasshouse and home to exotic plants from all over the world. It is now a striking, historic conservatory in exquisite condition. Whether you propose in the garden outside  The Great Conservatory or inside amongst the great pound, it is a truly magical place to pop the question.

If you’re keen on an outdoor proposal, then Syon Park has land and trees dating back to the late 18th century. We can transform part of the exclusive park, with enchanted lights leading your way to the magical proposal spot… it would look utterly breath-taking!

We have teamed up with Syon House, to create the perfect proposal whether you want a historic setting inside one of Syon House’s incredible rooms or an outdoor back drop in Syon Park, this venue has it all. We have created many beautiful and romantic proposals at Syon House and Syon Park, all personalised to each of our happy couples. Every aspect of Syon, truly make our proposals memorable.

Recent Proposals by The Proposers:

The Great Conservatory

Inner Courtyard

The Great Hall

Syon Park

We are looking forward to creating many more, happy, memorable moments at Syon!

We have planned over 1,000 marriage proposals. From New York to Iceland, all ending in a YES! If you have an idea or need a little inspiration then get in touch with us on You are in safe hands with us.

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