Proposing with a pug!


Shane wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Annie, in the most exciting way possible. So, after we got to know the couple a little better, we created the PERFECT proposal idea!

Annie is absolutely obsessed with pugs… so we hired a pug for the day to help Shane pop the question to her.

While exploring Greenwich Park, Shane and Annie came across a beautifully decorated, personalised picnic area… interested, Annie took a further look at the picnic.

She was in complete shock to see pictures of her and Shane laid out within the picnic, and this was only the first surprise!

Annie had no idea what was about to happen…

As the happy couple enjoyed their picnic nibbles, our planner, Gina, was strolling through the park with an adorable pet pug… called Buddy.

Instantly, as Annie saw the pug in the distance, she got so excited. Buddy went running over to her.

While enjoying cuddles with Buddy, Shane pointed out that there was a message on Buddy’s collar, and it said WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Shane then got down on one knee and proposed to Annie…


Congratulations to the happy couple

Unfortunately even though Annie begged to take Buddy home, we had to return him to his owner! But now she has got the most amazing memory ever!

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Cupcake Proposal


Derek and his beautiful girlfriend, Jane were travelling all the way from the United States to Edinburgh just for the weekend… how lucky are they! He wanted to give Jane the surprise of her life…

He wanted to do something completely unique, in a spectacular place, so he took Jane to one of the most beautiful city in the world.

After finding out more about the couple, we created the perfect personalised proposal, and this is what happened…

It all began when the couple went for a luxurious afternoon tea in one of Edinburgh’s finest castles, after which they enjoyed a stroll around the beautiful area of Circus Lane… a rustic street, with breath-taking landscapes.

They spotted an amazing cobbled street with the most stunning houses!

As they walked down the street, they saw an old, vintage bench with purple balloons on it. Not only is purple Janes favourite colour, the balloons were also for her.

They then heard a musician singing their favourite song, so naturally they walked over to the singer.

As the couple got closer, they noticed a present with ‘Open Me’ written on it…

As Derek and Jane sat down on the bench, intrigued to see what was in the box… It was a handmade scrapbook that we had made especially for the couple, with photos of their relationship over the years together, with quotes and thoughts written in Korean!

I bet you’re thinking… how on earth did we write in Korean, haha! Well luckily for us our intern, Jing, new just how to write perfectly in Korean.

Underneath the scrapbook was an extra surprise… beautiful, purple cupcakes with the words ‘Marry Me’ written on them!


Look at how amazing her ring is!

Surely Jane couldn’t eat all of those cupcakes after an afternoon tea…this would really shows her massive love for cake!

Derek requested that his dog was to be involved in their proposal… however it was too late to get him a passport so we had to improvise…

They then enjoyed a glass of Champagne and their personalised cupcakes, while being serenaded by the singer, before heading off to have a mini photoshoot in Edinburgh’s finest areas.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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Love Island Proposal


If you have been living under a rock for the past 7 weeks and you have never heard of Love Island then you need to check this out!

For 7 weeks a group of complete strangers, sign themselves up to live in a beautiful Villa in Mallorca to find the love of their life. Each boy and girl has to couple up with each other, while facing a range of barriers ahead of their Love Island journey. The islanders face break ups, couple switching, dumping from the island, a lot of gossiping and even more love! At the end of the 7 weeks the couple who gets the most votes wins £50,000!

This years Love Island was completely gripping, i’m sure if you watched you would agree with us… but even if you didn’t watch it, you definitely wouldn’t have missed it ALL over your social media! We are not complaining about this because we LOVED IT! After all… we are all about LOVE.

After the 7 weeks, the nation fell in love with Amber and Kem, who were the Love Island 2017 winners! We were completely behind the couple the entire way. When Kem asked Amber to be his girlfriend, this was the most romantic gesture ever! Take a look at the moment when the happy couple made things official!

What a beautiful moment! Kem you know where we are…

Talking of popping that important question, during series 1 of Love Island there was an actual proposal! Jonathan chose to couple up with Hannah as soon as their eyes locked on one another. The couple stayed together for the 6 weeks that they were on the island. As the final approached the producers of the show hosted and aired a ‘fake wedding’ for each of the couples. The girls got themselves all glammed up in stunning wedding dresses, while the men got suited and booted for their wedding! Jon decided to propose to Hannah in the villa during their wedding… AND SHE SAID YES! Take a look at the moment when Jon popped the all important question! Now that is real LOVE Island…

But… What we want to talk about is…

Is Love Island real love, or is it for the money?

The controversial question of love or money will constantly be an ongoing argument for Love Island viewers. Well… from our romance expert opinion, we definitely think it is all love… in the end!

We’ll be tuning in next year.


Proposing in an Asylum


While visiting London all the way from Brazil,  Renato wanted to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend, Isabela. He said that the proposal spot must be in a private, stunning historic venue and he wanted it to be extremely intimate, whilst showing how much he loved his girlfriend.

We knew the perfect place… The Asylum is a derelict old chapel over 190 years old! With the most incredible architecture inside. This proposal was sure to be extra special!

We decided to create a secret cinema of romantic movies for Isabela to watch, with the final screening saying ‘Will You Marry Me’, written in Brazilian.

Renato told us that Isabela loved the colour purple, so we decorated the room with purple everything! From pillows, flowers, thousands of rose petals, candle lights and lanterns.

To add that extra special touch, we created personalised popcorn boxes for the happy couple to enjoy a sweet treat after the proposal!

As Isabela arrived, she was in complete surprise to see a romantically decorated area (she thought she was going to the secret cinema), Ha.. little did she know…

She began to watch the personalised romantic movie clips…

Meanwhile, Renato was hiding outside, ready to surprise her!

As he walked in, the words ‘Casa Comigo?’ appeared on the screen!

Renato got on one knee and proposed to his beautiful girlfriend!

and of course SHE SAID YES!!

Look how stunning that ring is!

The newly engaged couple then enjoyed a romantic movie with picnic food, popcorn and Champagne, whilst they celebrated their engagement.

Congratulations to Renato & Isabela!

Check out the full proposal video here…

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Marriage Proposal in a secret garden


Keith wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Queenie, in a creative way! Whilst on holiday in London he took his girlfriend to visit a beautiful secret garden, located right next to Hyde Park!

Keith wanted a proposal that represented being in England, with one random request, which was to hand Queenie origami frogs.

With such a random brief, we got started on the job at hand.


As they entered the park, a musician, acting as a busker, began singing one of her favourite songs, ‘Thank You for Loving Me’ – Bon Jovi. This caught Queenies attention…

Whilst listening to the ‘busker’ perform, Queenie was handed 15 origami frogs by 15 strangers, who one by one read out a ‘promise message’.

 These frogs were then put into a jar that Queenie could keep forever!

This gave Keith time to sneak off… to get one final present for his girlfriend…

He handed her a box, and when she opened it a stunning balloon floated out with the words ‘Will You Spend Your Life With Me?’ written on it!

To her surprise, the 15 strangers standing next to each other then opened up an umbrella, which spelt…


Keith got down on one knee and proposed…


Congratulations to the happy couple!

We were so lucky to have umbrellas involved in their proposal because it was torrential rain for 2 hours before the proposal! Not only can we plan beautiful proposals but we can also may the rain stop for the actual proposal… but don’t hold us too that!

Check out Keith and Queenies full proposal video here!


Keith said: ‘I had some very random requests for my proposal and the girls at The Proposers made this happen! I am very thankful for all of your hard work and creativity skills which made my proposal perfect.’

We have planned over 1,000 ‘she said yes’, marriage proposals, from Nigeria to Asia! Get in touch at if you have an idea for a proposal or need a little inspiration, we would love to help!

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