Proposing in a private dining room at The Shangri La


Ricky loves to surprise Kavita with lavish gifts, so for his proposal he knew that he had to do something extraordinary and came to us for help.

He loves the proposals we have created in The Shard and wanted something similar for his own proposal.Marriage Proposal in The Shard planned by proposal experts The Proposers To make sure that Kavita had no idea what was going to happen Ricky asked her friend to invite her to a fake engagement party for her brother. When getting ready for the party Kavita had no idea that she was in fact getting ready for her own engagement!

After getting ready in the Jumeriah Carlton Tower Kavita and her friend were ready to leave. As they walked out of the hotel Kavita was shocked when she was stopped by a stranger (our undercover planner, Helen), who handed her a giant, beautifully wrapped box.

When she opened the box a balloon filled with heart shaped confetti floated out, revealing the words, “I love you forever”, on the side.

Balloon Marriage Proposal at The Shard planned by The Proposers.

Kavita loves luxury cars so Ricky arranged for her to be taken from Jumeriah Carlton Tower to a location unknown to her in a chauffeured Range Rover.Marriage Proposal at The Shard planned by The ProposersOnce she arrived at The Shard, Kavita was taken to a private room…Marriage Proposal at The Shard planned by The Proposers

Pushing open the door to the room Kavita was astounded when she saw the beautiful scene in front of her.Marriage Proposal at The ShardEach easel held a canvas that reflected the couples past, present and future. Marriage proposal at The Shard planned by proposal experts The ProposersThe final canvas contained some VERY exciting words! Marriage Proposal at The ShardAs Kavita was reading the final canvas Ricky appeared from behind her…Marriage Proposal at The Shard by The ProposersAnd asked Kavita to marry him… Marriage Proposal planned by proposal experts at The Shardand she said YES! Marriage Proposal the The Shard planned by proposal experts The ProposersCongratulations to the happy couple! We wish them a lifetime of happiness! Marriage Proposal in The Shard planned by proposal experts The Proposers You can see more of Kavita and Ricky’s stunning proposal here!

Ricky loved his proposal and said, “I would highly recommend The Proposers! They were very organised in their work and my proposal worked out so well! My girlfriend was so shocked by the proposal! I would definitely tell anyone if they want a company to sort out their proposal, this is definitely the only company to come to! I will be referring your company to my family and friends! Thank you so much once again!”

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Proposing in The Savoy


With a reputation as one of the world’s best known luxury hotels, The Savoy is a popular choice for marriage proposals so it’s no wonder that Hong Yao asked us to help him plan a jaw-dropping proposal for his girlfriend in one of the suites! Proposing at The Savoy. Marriage proposal planned by The ProposersThe couple love to travel so we created a personalised map full of memories to have in the suite. Proposing in The Savoy. Marriage proposal planned by The ProposersHong Yao also to us that his girlfriend’s favourite colour is red so we filled the room with red rose petals and spelt out “Marry Me” on the bed. Proposing in The Savoy. Marriage proposal planned by The ProposersWhen Hong and his girlfriend arrived back at their room she was shocked when she saw how it had been transformed…romantic marriage proposal in The Savoy Hotel created by proposal planners The Proposers.After reading all the personalised messages on the map Hong got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him…man down on one knee asking his girlfriend to marry him in The Savoy Hotel … and she said YES! couple celebrating their happy engagement news in The SavoyCongratulations to the happy couple!

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Marriage Proposal in a Moroccan Souk


Morocco is such a beautiful country so it’s no surprise that David wanted to propose to his lovely girlfriend Alicia there.

Marriage proposal in Morocco planned by proposal planners The Proposers
David and Alicia with our team in Morocco!

On the day of the proposal we arranged for the couple to take a trip to the local market to meet a tour guide. Once in the market the tour guide took the couple to a souk where they could get the best Moroccan coffee whilst looking at what the souk holder had on offer. Alicia had no idea that this was in fact the place where her life would change forever.

David and Alicia’s first date was in Starbucks so David wanted to include this in some way. After the tour guide brought the couple their coffee’s, he also handed Alicia a bag of coffee from Starbucks. She was shocked to see it in a Moroccan souk, of course, she did not know the real reason behind it!Bag of Starbucks coffee on a table as part of a marriage proposal in Morocco planned by proposal experts The Proposers.After getting excited about the coffee, Alicia was then handed a second gift; a leopard print scarf. She loves leopard print so was very excited when she was told by the souk holder that she could keep it!leopard print scarf on colourful table. This proposal was planned by proposal experts The Proposers The tour guide then asked the couple where in America they are from as well as asking them if they have ever been to Atlantic City, (the first holiday they went on together), when Alicia said they had, he presented them with this postcard, which Alicia loved! Postcard on colourful table. Marriage proposal planned by The Proposers in Morocco The first film the couple ever watched together, ‘Love and Basketball’, was the next gift… DVD of Love and Basketball in a Moroccan Market … followed by Alicia’s very own tiara to reflect the fact that David always refers to Alicia as his “Princess”.Moroccan Souk ProposalAlicia was then handed an empty ring box, and as she opened it something AMAZING happened… watch the video of their proposal below to find out what it was!

Congratulations to the lovely couple! We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

David was thrilled with his proposal and sent us this lovely message! “Skeptical about hiring an international company, I can definitely say that this company went above and beyond my expectations. Daisy and her team did a really wonderful job with coordinating everything from start to finish. They were in constant communication with me from planning to execution. They were very attentive to all my requests and even suggested really helpful ways to keep this surprise proposal discreet from my now fiance. The Proposers made the moment very special for my fiance and I, and we cannot stop talking about it. Thank you The Proposers!”

If you love David and Alicia’s proposal and would like plan something similar let us know at, or visit to learn more about what we do.

This amazing proposal was created in partnership with the wonderful Proposal Boutique, who are fabulous planners based in Dubai.


Proposing in New York


Today we’re talking about the proposal of one couple who are very special to us, not only because we planned their proposal, but we are now planning their wedding!

David contacted us because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Fran in a way that she would never forget. He told us that she was visiting New York with her mum and sister so he wanted to surprise her by proposing in the Big Apple!Marriage Proposal in New York's Sofitel HotelWe were so excited to hear this and couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

New York is known for it’s incredible skyline so we wanted to make sure that this was included in the proposal in some way. We know a lot of beautiful cityscapes in New York, but none quite as great as this one!Marriage Proposal in Sofitel New York planned by The ProposersOn the day of the proposal, whilst Fran was taking in the sights of New York with her family, she had no idea that David was with our proposal planner Daisy (who had been flown in from London), setting up one of the biggest moments of their lives!Marriage Proposal in Sofitel New YorkAfter dinner Fran was told that they were going to the penthouse bar in a 5* hotel to meet friends, little did she know what was really in store!

Fran’s suspicions were aroused when instead of going to a bar, she ended up at the door of a penthouse suite. When she opened it she was shocked to see a trail of rose petals in front of her that lead through the room.Marriage Proposal in Sofitel New York planned by proposal experts The Proposers The end of the trail led out to an incredible balcony that had been covered in lanterns, fairy lights and tea lights.Marriage Proposal in New York David was waiting for Fran within the decorations… Marriage Proposal in New YorkWith a very special gift! Marriage Proposal in Sofitel New York planned by The Proposers Fran was shocked when she saw the beautiful scene in front of her, and even more so when David got down on one knee and her those four little words every girl has dreamt of hearing… “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”Marriage Proposal in Sofitel Hotel New York planned by proposal experts The Proposers And she said YES! Marriage Proposal in Sofitel New York planned by proposal experts The ProposersThe couple then celebrated their happy news with Fran’s family (and proposal planner Daisy!)Marriage Proposal in Sofitel Hotel New York planned by expert proposal planners The ProposersCongratulations to the happy couple. We wish them a lifetime of happiness. Marriage Proposal in New York planned by The ProposersWasn’t their proposal incredible!? In fact David and Fran loved what we arranged for them so much that they asked us to plan their beautiful wedding in three locations within the dreaming spires of Oxford, so keep an eye out to see what happens!

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Proposing on holiday


Whether you love to travel, want a change of scenery, or just want to propose in a place where you are guaranteed to have some sun, proposing abroad is super romantic and is sure to get you that ‘yes’ you are looking for.

If you have booked a holiday but you don’t want to do anything cliched take a look at what happened when a few of our clients proposed abroad.


When Ryan came to us he told us that he was going away with his girlfriend Louise to Cyprus, and wanted to propose to her there but didn’t know how. We suggested that he propose during a romantic candlelit dinner with an incredible view. He thought that was a fantastic idea so we set to work straight away to create Ryan and Louise an amazing proposal.

marriage proposal in Cyprus We wanted to make the proposal unique and tailored to Ryan and Louise’s relationship so we suggested a few more ideas to make the proposal more personalised.

On the day of the proposal Ryan told Louise that they were going for dinner. However instead of going to the usual restaurant he instead took her into the gardens of the hotel. She was shocked when they came across a trail of lanterns and red rose petals on the floor leading up to a table for two. Marriage Proposal in Cyprus planned by The ProposersOn each of their place settings there were two long stemmed red roses. Little did Louise know what was about to happen…Romantic marriage proposal in Cyprus planned by The ProposersAfter sitting down a waiter came over to pour the couple a glass of wine each. Louise was surprised when he then came back, not with food, but instead a beautifully wrapped gift. As she unwrapped it a scrapbook was revealed. It was filled with memories that the couple have shared over the years. On the final page of the scrapbook the words ‘The best is yet to come…’ were written. Scrapbook marriage proposal in Cyprus planned by The ProposersThis is when Ryan revealed the label of the wine bottle that the waiter had just poured their drinks from. Louise was shocked to see that this wasn’t any ordinary wine label, this one had been personalised to say, ‘Louise, Will You Marry Me?’Personalised 'Marry Me' wine label for proposal in Cyprus planned by The ProposersRyan then got down on one knee and presented Louise with this stunning ring! And she said YES! Marriage proposal in Cyprus planned by The Proposers- Engagement Ring


Paul came to us because he needed our help to pull of a romantic beach proposal for his lovely girlfriend Lynsey.

As they were enjoying a romantic walk on the beach they came across a jetty that had been beautifully decorated with fairy lights, tiki torches, candles and red rose petals.

Lynsey couldn’t believe her eyes when Paul told her it was all for her, to celebrate her birthday. At the end of the jetty we had organised for a romantic dinner to be set up. After sitting down to enjoy the meal a waiter came over with a bottle of wine. To throw Lynsey off the scent of a proposal, Paul has asked us to personalise the bottle so that it said, ‘Happy Birthday Lynsey.’

Marriage proposal in Turkey planned by The Proposers.

After enjoying the breathtaking view whilst eating their dinner the waiter came back again. This time with a gift that had been wrapped beautifully in paper of Lynsey’s favourite colour. When she unwrapped the gift she saw that there was a scrapbook inside which was filled with memories of their relationship and their children. At the end of the book there was a page saying, ‘I have a question to ask.’ This is when Paul got down on one knee and asked a very shocked Lynsey to marry him. She of course SAID YES!

Marriage Proposal in Turkey planned by proposal experts, The Proposers



Santorini is known for it’s romantic beauty, which is why Arun wanted to propose to his girlfriend there.

Marriage Proposal Santorini

On the morning of the proposal, whilst Susmita was showering Arun left a surprise on her bed, a beautiful new dress, a long stemmed red rose and a note saying a taxi will pick you up outside.

Susmita was shocked when she came out, not to find Arun, but to see all of her gifts instead. She was even more shocked when the taxi whisked her away for a days pampering session at a spa, where she had a massage, pedicure and that all important manicure! After the spa we had arranged for Susmita to be picked up and taken to the next surprise.

She arrived at a different hotel from the one she had been staying in. What she didn’t know is that whilst she had been at the spa Arun had checked out of their room and had hired a much more luxurious room in a separate hotel. This room had a balcony with stunning views overlooking the sea below.

As the sun began to set Susmita came out onto the balcony, on which we created a heart out of candles in jars and rose petals filling the middle. Marriage Proposal in Santorini planned by proposal experts, The Proposers

Arun was also waiting for her and it was here that he got down on one knee and asked Susmita to be his wife, and she said YES! Marriage Proposal in Santorini planned by The ProposersCongratulations to all of our happy couple’s. We wish them all the best in the future!

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