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10th December '12

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So, if youre reading this blog, that means one of two things. Either you’re a woman looking to use the hint hint button. Or youre a man who wants to do the right thing, in the most perfect way possible, but youre looking for a little help along the way. Whichever it is, you might well be interested in getting the perfect gift as well (giving or receiving!), and thats where AskHerFriends can help you out.

Ben, founder of AskHerFriends,  has some expert advice for those who haven’t got  a clue what to get their other half for xmas:

If you’re a man like me, and I think most men are, then Christmas and birthdays (and proposals!) can carry an unusual kind of stress of course you want to get or do something amazing, but you’re operating with very little information and we definitely don’t like being laughed at.


Given that you’re here, you already know that asking for a little advice can get you an awful long way, and that’s what the starting point with AskHerFriends is you get together some gift ideas and then ask for advice from the people who know best her friends!

But where do these ideas come from?

Well, we trawl the Internet, read blogs, find boutiques, talk to experts (like the Proposers!) to get together a fantastic range of gift ideas, from the largest stores to the smallest boutiques.

Is a proposal all about the ring, though?

Tiffany and Daisy would absolutely say no, with good reason. It’s the experience. So why not make the whole experience of a birthday into something special, too? Get some expert advice on how to wrap a present perfectly, plan a surprise or even make something at home. Gift-giving should be a really special time, not just about the cost of the gift. Women like to feel special and cherished. Think about that next time you ask what do you want for your birthday but of course you already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be at the Proposers

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