Planning a proposal - how long does it take?

Published on 3rd December '14
bridal guide Sometimes a spontaneous, in-the-moment, sweep-her-off-her-feet proposal is perfect. But to guarantee a drama-free, stress-free proposal organisation and planning is key. So, how long does it take the plan the perfect proposal? First of all you need to decide what sort of proposal you - and your partner - would like. If it's an elaborate, over-the-top proposal then it could take months and months of planning. But if it's a small, intimate proposal you're after then it could be arranged within days. One thing's for sure, to get that perfect ring you'll need to have done your homework and saved your cash! Several months before the proposal: Set yourself a budget and get ring shopping. Be realistic, if you know she wants a top-of-the-range designer ring then it'll probably take a good few months to save up the money so be sure to give yourself plenty of time. You also need to decide what sort of proposal you'd like and, if you need our help, we need some notice. One month before the proposal: Decide on a date for the proposal itself and, if family and friends are involved or you're hiring in professionals for the occasion, make sure the date works for everyone. Get venues and suppliers booked to avoid disappointment (if The Proposers are on board, we'll arrange all of this for you and keep you informed). Two weeks before the proposal: Confirm an itinerary or final plan with everyone involved in the proposal and, if it's an elaborate flashmob proposal you have planned then be sure to rehearse! Get down to the jewellers and pick up the perfect ring you've ordered. It's worth checking the exchange policy (just in case!) and arrange a follow-up appointment too, in case the ring needs re-sizing. One week before the proposal: Get a haircut, get your suit dry-cleaned and order a bouquet of beautiful flowers for your fiancee-to-be (if that fits in the plans, of course)! Get some champagne in so it's ready to go once the celebrations begin. Remember, The Proposers are here to make this whole process as stress-free as possible so we can sort out all the finer details for you too.. One day before the proposal: Confirm reservations and times to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If you have an outdoor proposal planned then make sure you have a back-up plan just in case the weather turns against you on the day. Proposal day: Just relax. Try to stay calm and enjoy the day. Have a good breakfast and get that Champagne in the fridge. If you've brought in The Proposers then we'll take control of the day to ensure everything runs like clockwork, all you have to do is remember the ring! To hire The Proposers to plan your proposal, get in touch. Image source - Bridal Guide.