Prank marriage proposal in Barcelona

Published on 4th May '17
Prank marriage proposal in Barcelona

Gary and his girlfriend Caeom love pranking each other so Gary wanted to incorporate this into his proposal in some way. He wanted to do something huge, that she would never imagine would lead to a proposal, and asked us to help him with a pretty ambitious idea... to stage his arrest! We love a challenge so set to work trying to make this happen. Oh, and when we say it was a challenge, did we mention this took place in Barcelona!? We hired a couple of actors to pose as Detective's and "arrest" Gary and Caeom outside of their hotel. Prank proposal in BarcelonaOnce in the van they were taken to another spot to 'identify the dealer', Caeom had no idea what she would really find at there!Prank proposal in BarcelonaCaeom was told that Gary would be taken to the spot first to identify the dealer and that she would be taken to him after. She was completely shocked when she approached where Gary was meant to be and saw a trail of lanterns leading up to a heart made from candles instead. Prank proposal in BarcelonaAs Caeom walked into the heart Gary came out from where he was hiding and got down on one knee to ask her to marry him...Prank proposal in Barcelona... and through tears of joy, Caeom said YES!Prank proposal in BarcelonaWe think it's safe to say that Caeom was very relieved! Prank proposal in BarcelonaWe loved creating such a crazy and unique proposal, and Gary was so happy with his proposal he sent us this message:
I want to thank you all for a job well done! You were all terrific to work with throughout the whole process. I really appreciated your professionalism, thoughtfulness, attention to detail and flexibility in working with me! I will highly recommend you to anyone I come across in need of your services and will be using you myself for future needs when I travel....but no more fake arrests, I think one is enough : )
Prank proposal in Barcelona
To see Caeom's reaction to Gary's prank and the beautiful proposal itself watch their proposal video here!
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