The Proposal Planner got Proposed to!!

13th December '12

How do you propose to a proposal planner?

That is the question asked by many!

Anyone that knows me or has read my blog post about wanting to get married will know that I have dreamt about this day forever. For me, getting engaged signifies your commitment to your relationship. And once you’ve found your perfect someone why wait?

Well I’ve been with Henry for over five years now and for nearly the same amount of time, I’ve known I wanted to marry him, I always knew he was the one. And I was right, because Henry finally proposed on 29th November 2012. A day I will remember and treasure forever.

This is the day the proposal planner got proposed too

My birthday was the day before (some thought he would do it then but Henry likes to catch me off guard and that my birthday would be too easy). He took me and some friends for dinner and drinks and acted like normal. In the morning, he got up for work as usual and left at 8am, but little did I know that he actually left to plan my proposal.

The plot he told me that his parents were coming round to drop off my birthday present. I knew the house was a mess so rushed home from work to clean it, but as I entered the hallway, I was presented with this


Candles and rose petals galore which led to our roof terrace door. He had hung a large picture frame to our back door which read Is this how you pictured your future?

The funny thing is, I always pictured him proposing in our house (the 1st house we bought together). As I opened the door to the terrace, Henry was there suited and booted with flowers, candles, lanterns very romantic.

He then proposed and whisked me off to the Crazy Bear hotel to celebrate in style. Champagne, dinner and the most incredible room. Literally had water coming down from the ceiling in the middle of the room!

The next day, Henry had planned to visit our parents to celebrate and in-between he managed to book me a nail appointment as he knew I’d be showing the ring off so thoughtful.

Oh and the ring AMAZING literally everything I ever wanted in a ring. I LOVE IT!

So did he do well?

I think so. Not only was it romantic, it was also personalised to me and thats how proposals should be. Thats why we set-up The Proposers, to help people create a proposal scene thats totally tailored to them. This way you’ll have a story you’ll remember forever – which is exactly what I have.

Thank you Henry for finally making me your fiancé I’m over the moon.


Let the wedding planning begin, hehe! X



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