Top Tips To Propose Like A Royal

Published on 27th November '17
Top Tips To Propose Like A Royal

Today is a very exciting day for Britain as it is much awaited ROYAL ENGAGEMENT!

This morning social media was so excited when it was announced by Clarence House that Prince Harry and US actor Meghan Markle are engaged!

For those thinking of 'popping the question' our Proposal Expert Planners have given you that extra bit of advice on how to create your very own 'royal' marriage proposal...

1. Choose the perfect location

This is your engagement, one of the most important moments in your life therefore you need to make sure that the location is perfect. Now, if you want a proposal 'like a royal' then make sure that your proposal location is the most appropriate as possible! We're not saying you need to hire Buckingham Palace to 'pop the question'... but how about choosing a location with the most beautiful architecture and great history!

One of our top suggestions is The Ritz London!

The classic hotel has been around for over 100 years, creating beautiful memories with their stunning, original interiors and luxurious features. Visiting The Ritz, is like stepping back in time, nothing has changed, and the service is as impeccable as ever. This is why we think, it is the perfect place for a sophisticated marriage proposal. With all the charm as if you were royalty.

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2. Get your dazzling diamond!

To most bride-to-be's the ring is one of the most important parts about getting engaged! So make sure that you have got it spot on... you don't want to be spending thousands of pounds on that diamond and getting it completely wrong!

One of our top tips to your royal proposal is how about giving her a ring with a sentimental meaning... I mean thats exactly what our gorgeous Prince William did when he proposed to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

It is also becoming more and more popular to get your parter a replica ring similar to one of our royals!

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3. Dress to Impress

It is so important to give your partner that hint to make themselves look completely glam and dress up for the occasion. Obviously they don't know that you're about to 'pop the question' but come up with an excuse so they put their best ball gown on and dress as if they are a princess!

Your partner will kick you for the rest of your relationship if you have booked The Ritz and she turns up in jeans and a t-shirt! This is one of the most important moments of your life, make sure that you think of everything!

How about being SUPER romantic and buying your partner the perfect outfit, laying it on the bed in a luxury gift box with a note saying 'Put this outfit on, a car will be waiting to pick you up at 8:00pm sharp!'

BUT... Do not forget about yourself! You must put your best suit on and look completely impeccable for your important moment too.

4. Pre-organise your Royal Banquet (Engagement Party)

Why not pre-organise your very own 'Royal Banquet' themed Engagement Party! After you have 'popped the question' you could surprise your newly engaged parter with a royal banquet with all of your family and friends there too!

It is becoming more and more popular to have your family involved in your proposal so we definitely think that this would be the perfect way to celebrate, whilst keeping with your royal theme!

You could also go that extra mile and transform the room with royal themed decor and music playing as you enter! Think... string quartet playing the national anthem... EPIC!

5. Announcing Your News

Think about how you want to announce your very exciting engagement...

Again, you're not going to exactly ask one of the Historic Palaces to send out a statement announcing your engagement but why not be nearly as extreme as that! If you really want a proposal like a royal than you could create your very own and personalised statement to send our to your family and friends.

Yes... the royals still use social media! It is definitely the most popular way of announcing your engagement! So don't be afraid to post your ring selfie on your social media accounts, because this still is a popular way to share your news.

6. Keeping it Traditional

There is nothing more romantic than keeping the traditions when 'popping the question'. As a royal it is very important to follow the traditions, so if you want a royal proposal than why do anything less!

Firstly if you want to keep with the traditions then make sure you ask your partners father for their hand in marriage. This tradition became popular in the 19th century when grooms were asking their partners father for the permission. However, as traditions change over years it is now more popular to ask as a sign of respect to honour the partners partners.

Proposing on one knee is a tradition that was created to show honour, respect and obedience to the other half being proposed too. It was a sign to show their eternal love and passion for their partner. This is a tradition that nearly 100% of our clients have carried on to use for their marriage proposal.

(It also gets the most epic shot!)

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