Proposer Daisy Talks Life, Weddings, Engagements and Nagging!

Published on 18th August '12
Proposer Daisy Talks Life, Weddings, Engagements and Nagging!

The Proposers

Talking Life

My mum has had a 'Daisy wedding box' since I was seven which she tops up every now and again with wedding inspiration for my big day (whenever that may be!). So it's safe to say that weddings have played a huge part in my life. To me, getting married signifies your relationship. It shows the world that you're ready to take that next step and commit to loving that person for the rest of your life.

Cue my gorgeous boyfriend Henry. We've been together 5 years and are extremely happy, so why hasn't he proposed (I am 30 after all!).

Engagement's and Weddings

Maybe it's because I talk about engagements and weddings every day and it's probably boring him senseless! Or is it because everyone we know is getting engaged or married, (7 weddings already this year!) It could be because I'm a proposal planner and cry every time I see how happy it makes people! But maybe it's the constant pressure I've probably been giving him for the last few years to pop the question! Actually, it's probably a combination of them all. I'm not making it easy for him, am I? The truth is, I've thought about this moment all my life, it means a lot to me so I want it to be perfect and not because I've nagged until he's given in and just done it half heartedly. I know it's a tough job for Henry but I also know that he'll create a fabulous proposal that I will love and treasure forever. And I know he'll do it when I least expect it. So for now, I'm going to keep quiet (well, as much as I can!) and enjoy what we've got, I'm a very lucky girl.


Ladies, I'll delve into this a bit more in another post but for now my top tip is, DON'T NAG, it doesn't get you anywhere, in fact it will only delay him actually doing it (it's the one thing they have control over, hehe, so they want to get it right). We can however try and give him a kick up the bum by sending him an our 'hint hint' email which has lots of handy tips and hints for proposing just follow this link to see how (I know its cheeky, but hell, what have you got to loose. Give it a go).

Any questions, just simply drop me a messege


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