Proposing at The Shangri La in The Shard

Published on 16th February '16
Proposing at The Shangri La in The Shard

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers
The Shard is one of the most iconic spots in London. It has fantastic views overlooking the city, and multiple restaurants, bars and even a hotel to enjoy within, so it's no surprise that it's incredibly popular with people looking to pop the question or for other romantic events. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard We have planned numerous proposals within The Shard over the last couple of years, and have recently been named The View From The Shard's recommended supplier for romantic events! Whether you want to propose in a restaurant, private dining room, your hotel room, or The View From The Shard itself, we can turn any location into the ideal romantic setting for you to ask that all important question.

Aqua Shard, Oblix, Hutong, Gong or Ting

If you want to propose over a slap-up meal, or organise a romantic drinking experience at one of the bars, The Shard has plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard
What we can do:
If you'd really like to surprise your partner we can organise a restaurant takeover! This can be done with singing waiters, West End singer's or even dancers! We've already liaised with the restaurants and we can absolutely create something similar for you! Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard Our amazing West End singers performing Marvin Gaye's 'Ain't no mountain high enough.' If you'd like something a little more low key, we can arrange for your partner to receive a personalised menu or champagne bottle during the meal. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard We can personalise a bottle or menu to say anything you want!
The Shangri La
If you have booked a room in the hotel or would like to propose in private, the Shangri La hotel has plenty of luxury suites and dining rooms for you to choose from. With a 7* service, who could possibly say no! Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard
What we can do:
Imagine the look on your partners face when you return to your room after a lovely dinner, to see that it has been completely transformed into a romantic haven. We will cover your room with rose petals, fairy lights, candles and your partner's favourite flowers to create a romantic atmosphere. We will make sure to have your partner's favourite song playing in the background when you enter the room and we can organise for a bottle of champagne to be ready for you both to celebrate after the proposal. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel We created a Winter Wonderland proposal for a client using fake snow... If you'd like to take your proposal one step further we can tailor the proposal to how you want it. We can print out photographs of the two of you together and put them in a beautiful frame, or leave a gorgeously wrapped present ready for them to open. We can use the TV in the room to play a personalised film of the two of you, or we can bring props into the room to make the proposal that extra bit more, 'magical'! Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard And a Christmas tree! Alternatively if you do not want to stay in the hotel we can arrange for you to enjoy a delicious meal for two in a private dining room. We will decorate the room to your partner's tastes and we can arrange for easels to represent the past, present and future stages of your lives together to be there ready for your partner to open. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard We can create candlelit dinner for two with best view of London

Some of our favourite proposals at The Shangri La Shard

Room Decor:
Tom and Coby:
Tom came to us because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Coby. As he is a professional footballer, he is incredibly busy and needed a helping hand in organising the perfect proposal for her. He enlisted our help in making a unique, romantic proposal a reality. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel We suggested that he hire out one of the suites at The Shangri La in The Shard because of its stunning views over the city. As they headed off to the Shangri La's 5 star restaurant for dinner, we snuck into their suite to decorate! Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard What a view! Coby's favourite colours are red and pink so we laid out a thousand petals in these colours to form a beautiful trail along the floor. We placed candles, photographs of the couple together and a Love Story, (a timeline of their relationship), on the tables and laid fairy lights all around the window frames and on the sofa, as well as wrapping them around vases. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel It's the personal touches that make a proposal extra special! Finally we wrote 'Marry Me' in red rose petals on the bed. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel As they came back into the room Coby was completely astounded to see that the room had completely transformed into a magical boudoir. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel Such a romantic moment.. We hired a singer from the West End to perform Ed Sheeran's, 'Thinking Out Loud', as Tom got down on one knee and asked Coby those four little words every girl dreams of hearing, 'Will you marry me.' Of course she said 'Yes!' Take a look at their beautiful proposal here:
Private Dining
Igor and Sarah
When Igor came to The Proposers for help with his proposal all he knew was that he wanted somewhere to have dinner, that was private and had an amazing view. The Shangri La was the obvious choice as you can't get more luxurious than a 7* star hotel! Not to mention that their private dining room has amazing views across the London skyline and it looks directly over Tower Bridge! Sarah thought she was just going for dinner, but instead when she walked into the room she saw a huge LOVE sign that lit up the amazing view. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard We brought in a HUGE 'Love' sign... As she entered, one of our amazing singers was performing her favourite song. A trail of red rose petals led her to four wrapped canvases. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel One by one she unwrapped the canvases, which all represented the couples relationship. One canvas showed the past, one the present and on the final one, (their future) the canvas had 'Sarah, will you marry me?' written on. Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel Now for the big moment! With such a romantic scene it's hardly surprising that she said, YES! Take a look at their lovely video here:
View From the Shard
If it's the WOW factor that you're after then this is the ideal proposal spot for you. Situated on levels 69 and 72, the View From The Shard is 800ft up in the air with its stunning views stretching for 40 miles.Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and The Shard As with any of our proposals we can do anything that you or we dream up. We can beautifully decorate the View From The Shard with rose petals, fairy lights and candles and can leave a trail of roses with little love notes on each for your partner to read. Alternatively we can wrap up individual gifts of your partner's favourite things. If you want a singer we can hire one, or if you want a dancing flashmob, that can be arranged too!
Some of our favourite proposals at The View From The Shard
Room Decor Proposal: Jerad and Lauren
We recently organised a stunning proposal for Jerad and his girlfriend Lauren. He had arranged for them to go up to The View From The Shard to look over London. Whilst the guide offered them a private tour of the 72nd floor, we snuck in to decorate the 69th floor! Proposing at The View From The Shard When Jerad and Lauren came back down from their tour, Lauren was astounded to see that they room had been transformed and was now covered in her favourite coloured rose petals, as well as candles, fairy lights and flowers. She also noticed that there were four easels laid out across the floor holding beautifully wrapped canvases. As Lauren unwrapped the canvases, all the romantic things that Jerad had wanted to tell Lauren were revealed. The final canvas had the words, 'Lauren Brady, Will you marry me?' written on it. Proposing at The View From The Shard Get the best views of the city by proposing at The View From The Shard As she turned around she saw him down on one knee, waiting to ask her to marry him. Of course she said yes! Our Serenaded Flashmob Proposal: Gurdeep and Kayleigh Gurdeep came to us knowing only that he wanted to serenade his beautiful girlfriend Kayleigh with their favourite song, John Legends 'All of Me', surrounded by a beautiful view of London. We knew exactly what to do and that proposing at The View From The Shard would make their moment perfect and unique. Proposing at The View From The Shard Our incredible West End singers performing in a surprise flashmob! To fulfil his desires to have Kayleigh serenaded, we gathered some of the best West End Singers we could find to create the perfect acoustic version of 'All of Me', as the FIRST EVER FLASH MOB PROPOSAL the Shard has had. Proposing at The View From The Shard And the happy couple! But this was not all we had in store, we had set the perfect scene, now we wanted to give it that extra personalised touch. As she walked around the View from the Shard oblivious to what was about to happen, the singers began performing. One of them came over and handed her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. At this point Gurdeep took Kayleigh into the centre of flashmob, surrounded by excited tourists that wanted to capture the incredible moment he got down on one knee and popped the question! And she said YES! Proposing at The View From The Shard What a rock! Proposing in The Shangri La Hotel and at The Shard is such a romantic way to show your partner how much you love them. If you would like help to plan your own unique proposal at any of the locations in The Shard let us know at We have planned over 650 proposals in the last four years with a 100% 'Yes' success rate so you're in safe hands with us. If you would like to propose with a beautiful ring take a look at our partners, Purely Diamonds, collection of bespoke diamond rings here.