Proposing with a pug!

Published on 4th August '17
Proposing with a pug!

Shane wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Annie, in the most exciting way possible. So, after we got to know the couple a little better, we created the PERFECT proposal idea!

Annie is absolutely obsessed with pugs... so we hired a pug for the day to help Shane pop the question to her.

While exploring Greenwich Park, Shane and Annie came across a beautifully decorated, personalised picnic area... interested, Annie took a further look at the picnic.

She was in complete shock to see pictures of her and Shane laid out within the picnic, and this was only the first surprise!

Annie had no idea what was about to happen...

As the happy couple enjoyed their picnic nibbles, our planner, Gina, was strolling through the park with an adorable pet pug... called Buddy.

Instantly, as Annie saw the pug in the distance, she got so excited. Buddy went running over to her.

While enjoying cuddles with Buddy, Shane pointed out that there was a message on Buddy's collar, and it said WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Shane then got down on one knee and proposed to Annie...


Congratulations to the happy couple

Unfortunately even though Annie begged to take Buddy home, we had to return him to his owner! But now she has got the most amazing memory ever!

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