National Proposal Day | The Proposers Q&A!

20th March '18

In this day & age we tend to ‘celebrate’ many ‘international days of the year’ which are random days allocated to random things… Sounds strange right? Really, a lot of these days are an excuse to give your best friend a huge shoutout, stuff your face with a jar of Nutella or even bring your pet to work! Now-a-days its a huge Social Media stunt which allows people to share their love or hatred to that random day!

However some of these random days do have a thoughtful meaning to them! Recently we celebrated International Women’s Day, when people around the world took to social media to crown their ‘Queen’ and express their love to a certain woman.

Well, today is National Proposal Day!

But you may be wondering what this day actually means… Is it a day you must propose? Is it a day to celebrate your engagement? No! It is a day where hundreds of couples can get together at a pre-arranged location and ‘pop the question’ all together! But you now may be thinking…Why do people feel the need to propose with each other?

 Proposing to your one true love can be a  nervous moment… It take a lot of courage to make sure you know the moment is right and actually ask those four important words! Many worries go through your head when thinking about making that next step in your relationship, so National Proposal Day, brings everyone together with those worries and gives a little boost of confidence and reassurance they you’re not alone! 

What do our proposal experts think of National Proposal Day?

There is never a wrong or right way to propose! It depends on what you think your partner or yourself would be comfortable with. You don’t have to propose in a intimate and private location, why not go all out and get the entire of Covent Garden involved in your Flashmob Proposal! Its great that somebody out there noticed that proposing is nerve-racking and plucked up the courage to create a National Day to help others out!

We specialise in creating personalised proposals which are tailored to each relationship, National Proposal Day does take away the creativity and personalisation out of the proposal. However, if this is the way that you are happy to get onto one knee and ‘pop the question’ and you think your partner would love it then go for it! We are still here to give you a helping hand should you need any additional support or extras to your proposal.

Q&A With your Proposal Experts:

As it is National Proposal Day (and we are not sitting stuffing our faces with Nutella), we are celebrating our incredible Proposal Experts who spend their day to day lives helping to create romantic and successful proposals!

So we thought what a great way to celebrate our team by giving you an exclusive Q&A! We asked our Proposal Planners those questions that everyone wants to know… Yes their favourite food is VERY important (especially at our HQ!)































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