Romantic Regent’s Park Proposal

20th September '16

We recently organised a fun, creative and incredibly romantic proposal that had everyone in tears by the end, (including us!) Naji came to us because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Milia.

regents park marriage proposal Naji wanted a proposal that was completely tailored to them and their relationship and after brainstorming lots and lots of ideas, Naji settled on something that’s never been done before, which was completely unique!najiRegents Park is particularly special to Naji and Milia as it holds many memories for them. It seemed then, like this was the only possible place to give them the amazing proposal that Naji had desired.

We decided to take a look around Regents Park to find the perfect location for proposal to take place, which is when we came across the most beautiful rose garden and we knew that this was the ideal place.londonssecretsAt Proposers HQ, a week before the proposal, we started to make some enchanting rose garlands. Each contained a polaroid picture of them in the cities around the world that they had travelled to together. With each photograph, Naji had asked us to write  funny but loveable notes that he had dictated, ion the back.najiOn the big day, as Naji came to meet planners Daisy and Soma for a rehearsal at Regents Park, planner Chloe headed for Milia’s office with a lovely vintage note telling her, ‘Follow my lead and get into the taxi.’

With Milia still not knowing what was going on, the taxi headed towards Regents Park. At the main gates the taxi stopped and Daisy was ready and waiting to tell Milia where to go next. She also told Millia that no matter what, she had to continue walking until she reached the end of the trail.najiOnce inside the park Soma was standing ready with a sign, which said, ‘Milia, this way’. As she read the sign, a singer began to perform ‘Mr Jones’, by Counting Crows, (although we had Mr Jones changed to Mr Khouri, Naji’s surname, for this version).najiFollowing the sign Milia was led to a beautiful rose garden containing the gorgeous garlands. The singer followed her from a distance around the park as she read the notes one by one.najiAs Milia finished reading the notes she noticed Chloe stood holding a sign, which directed her over a charming bridge. As she walked across the singer began the second song, ‘Common People,’ by Pulp, one of the couple’s favourite songs.najiAt the end of the bridge Milia came across a low pathway with benches on either side. Sitting on the benches were a group of people whose faces were hidden by copies of the Financial Times, (both Naji and Milia work in the city so this was to represent where they spend a lot of their time together).najiAs Milia walked toward the benches, one by one each of the people behind the FT’s revealed themselves and held up a sign. Milia was shocked to see that it was her friends and family who were holding the signs, as they had flown in from Paris and Yemen especially for the proposal! The signs showed off Naji’s humorous side by providing advice for the couple’s future life together.naji





najiHaving finished reading the signs Milia spotted another sign, which lead her to a beautiful waterfall next to a bridge. As she arrived she was greeted by 10 of our West End singers who began singing the couples favourite song, ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay.najiTowards the end of the song they parted ways and Naji who was hiding behind one of our singers at the top of the stairs was revealed. He waited for her to come up to the top of the stairs before leading her to a beautiful secluded area so that he could propose.najiWhen Milia reached him Naji got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. And a very emotional Milia said YES!
najiNot that we’re surprised after seeing this gorgeous ring! najiThe couple then celebrated their happy news with their friends and family! najiCongratulations to the lovely couple. We wish them a lifetime of happiness! naji

To what happened in this tear-jerking proposal take a look here. *Warning* You will need your tissues at the ready!

Naji said, “These guys made it look effortless. Planning it from abroad, I thought it was going to be a huge burden on my time, but Daisy and her crew made it so easy, it was never a headache for me.  I got there and their wonderful ideas became reality! It is without a doubt one of the most memorable moments of my life.”

If you have been inspired by this post and would like help planning your own unique proposal let us know at, or visit to find out more. We have planned over 850 proposals in the last 5 years so you are in safe hands with us!

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