The Most Romantic Proposal at The Shangri-La in The Shard!

Published on 7th February '18
The Most Romantic Proposal at The Shangri-La in The Shard!

For Aidan's proposal, he wanted to make sure that Rishma had no idea that he was about to propose until the moment he got down onto one knee! With completely no idea how to make this happen, he enlisted in our expert Proposal Planning service to make his dream come to life!

After coming up with some epic ideas of how to throw Rishma off, we finally had the perfect plan...

Rishma's birthday was approaching, so what more appropriate than giving her a wonderful birthday surprise! As our lovely groom-to-be tends to surprise and treat his beautiful girlfriend on various occasions, this idea wouldn't seem out of the usual for our happy couple (which was great so Rishma definitely wouldn't expect anything!)

But Aidan didn't stop there with his requests.... the final request was to have all 25 members of his family watching the proposal and already at the venue to celebrate together after! Now this is where our Proposal Planners knew straight away the perfect venue to fit the large family...

We hired one of The Shangri-la Hotel's private dining rooms for our happy couple which would be completely transformed for the 'birthday surprise' (shh, it's definitely not a proposal spot *wink wink*).

But not forgetting about the family! We hired an even bigger private dining room for the members of the family to enjoy their engagement celebrations in!

Our happy couple arrived in style in a beautiful Rolls Royce... what an entrance!

Whilst making their way up to the 34th floor, they were greeted by our Planner who directed them to the private dining room.

As soon as they entered, Rishma was completely surprised to a room covering in the most beautiful decorations and a musician serenading them performing her favourite song 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran.

Placed in the corner of the room was a mysterious book... intrigued she walked over to the book, to soon realise it contained all of their happy memories and beautiful quote inside!

By this point, our happy couple had already shared many laughs together remising over all of their happy memories, but there was still more huge surprises to come... little did Rishma know that her entire family were watching the proposal from a secret window that looks into the private dining room!

Beautifully written in calligraphy at the end of the scrapbook were the words 'I have a question to ask you' this was Aidan's chance to get onto one knee before asking the 4 important words... Will You Marry Me?

And with a proposal like that, of course RISHMA SAID YES!

WOW, what a ring!

Our happily engaged couple then celebrated amongst the decor together, but Aidan was itching to tell Rishma the final surprise...

As the clock struck 8pm it was time for our Proposal Planner to take our couple to their 'dinner reservation', however Rishma had no idea what was about to happen.

They were directed into another room, as as that grand door opened the loudest 'CONGRATULATIONS' was screamed amongst all 25 members of the family!

Aidan & Rishma celebrated with both of their families, enjoying a private 3 course meal with the most amazing view & not forgetting the super cool 'SHE SAID YES' balloons.

What a beautiful & creative proposal!

Congratulations to Aidan & Rishma we wish you a lifetime of happiness x

To watch their full proposal video click below:

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