She Thought It Was An Interview Little Did She Know!

24th September '14

This week The Proposers were ready and waiting at the Gherkin, in the heart of London, to help Peter propose to his beautiful girlfriend Marie. Marie thought she was attending an interview!

The perfect setting for both fake interview and romantic proposal!

The perfect setting for both fake interview and romantic proposal!

Marie, a businesswoman, had been told by Peter that he had organised an interview with a potential business partner. There was, of course, no meeting it was all a ploy!

Having spent weeks preparing for this important interview even making Peter test her with interview questions. Luckily Peter played it cool and Marie did not have a clue that the interview wasn’t real.


The Proposers brilliant actor preparing. Doesn’t he look professional!

Arriving for her interview, Marie was greeted by her interviewer, AKA Ian, a top West End actor. Beginning with traditional questions such as Can Marie explain the prospects for making money from oil servicing business in Gabon…the questions became slightly more bizarre such as how do you feel about talking to strange men on planes? and What do you think about Afrobeat, the popular Nigerian hip-hop music?

We couldn't help but have a little listen...

We couldn’t help but have a little listen…

Leaving the room for a quick call, our actor departed, leaving Marie to watch a video documenting her and Peters relationship. As the video ended Peter walked in, bouquet in hand, got down on one knee and asked Marie to be his wife, and of course, she said YES!!!!, keeping The Proposers 100% success rate in tact.



The Proposers Daisy checking out that ROCK!! Alongside the lovely couple, Peter and Marie.

Check out the amazing proposal below!!!

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