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Should you do a Lip dub proposal?

27th November '12

If you haven’t heard of the famous Lip Dub proposal then where have you been? Hiding under a rock?  What we want to know is are Lip Dub proposals a good idea?


So, how would a lip dub proposal work? Well, there are numerous ways:

1)You film yourself singing along (involving friends and family if you like) and then play her the tape. Maybe you ‘singing “your song” or the infamous “Marry me” by Bruno Mars The most important thing is that at the end of the video, you’re down on one knee asking her to marry you.

2) You tell her you have arranged something fun to do and involve her in the singing. Whilst you both sing and prance around, little does she know that as the music stops, you are going to ask for her hand in marriage. And yup, it’s all going to be recorded as a memory to keep forever. Perfect!

Now a self confessed expert, Tiffany knows exactly what’s needed to create a all singing all dancing proposal. And here are her top tips:

1. Does you girlfriend like singing/dancing around/making a fool of herself? If not, then (how do i say this nicely) THIS IS NOT FOR HER. A lip dub proposal will only work if the woman in question is happy to 1) be the centre of attention b) join in the fun

2. If you want to involve family and friends make sure you rehearse beforehand. Expecting everyone to just know all of the words and do a good job is asking a lot.

3. Pick a song that means something to you both. Ok, so Patrick and I picked “The power of love” purely because we love a bit of cheese….and now it makes us laugh every time we listen to it!

4. It’s a big job arranging a Lip Dub proposal ,so why not get the experts in to help? The Proposers can be there on the day, making sure everything goes to plan so all you have to worry about is saying those three important words at the end of it.



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