The 10 things to do once he's popped the question...

Published on 29th May '15
The 10 things to do once he's popped the question...


That's when he can stop worrying and you're officially off the market!

2. Call your VIP's

Make sure your closest friends and family find out from you before they see the status update on Facebook…you don't want to make a bad impression on your future inlaws!!

3. Take a Pic

See last weeks Engagement Selfie post

But in a few words, social media saves the phone calls to your friends of friends you haven't spoken to in a year,

oh, and the more creative the better!!!!

Super cute!!! Super cute!!! N.b. if your nails are chipped/ugly then go straight to 5 BEFORE this step, do not pass go and do not collect 200 dollars, we mean it.

4. Celebrate with a glass of Champs

You both deserve it him more than you, imagine how long he's been planning this for!

Cheers! Cheers!

5. Get your nails done!

I shouldn't even need to say this

(if your future hubby is extra prepared he'll have booked the appointment already major man points for that fyi)

Love the nail colour! Love the nail colour!

6. Make sure the ring fits

We've heard it all, from stealing partners rings to check the sizes to trying to measure with string whilst the other half is sleeping...

but unfortunately many men still won't get it spot on - too big or too small don't worry a small adjustment can make it the perfect fit!

7. Get it insured

Boring, yes, but its worth it.

8. The impromptu celebrations

Get everyone together the night or two after for a spontaneous party and celebrate with a few drinks and all your closest loved ones.

9. Plan your actual real life engagement party

Party planning!! But this is just a warm up until the next and final step...

10. Start thinking about the next biggest day of your life THE WEDDING

Dress shopping time! Dress shopping time!

Photos: weddingsbyrandall,, tripadvisor

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