The best spots to propose on New Years Eve

23rd December '13

Some of you may be wondering what to do for New Years Eve.  But there is only one thing a guy has to do if he loves his girlfriend  propose!  What better time of year to propose than New Years Eve, knowing the fact that you can start the new year together as an engaged couple. Here at the Proposers, we’ve not only selected the best spots to propose on NYE but also we give an extra special something to ensure you are guaranteed a yes to your question.


Copacabana beach – Rio de Janeiro

Best place t o propose: Copacobana beach

Best place t o propose: Copacobana beach

Full of colour, music and dancing, Copacabana beach is transformed for NYE.  This wedding proposal will have an electrifying atmosphere as an international DJ plays, carnival Samba moves along the beach and a big Brazilian star rustles up some excitement.  Previous years they have had a giant Ferris wheel erected at Forte de Copacabana showing a digital light show during the fireworks countdown.

Proposer it up: As the Samba dancers complete their samba rolls and they congregate around you both, ask your girlfriend to look closely at their head gear.  The Proposers can organise the very words you want to say on the dancers head pieces. At the stroke of midnight, it won’t be Happy New Year, but Happy New Engagement.

Propose at: The Ice Hotel – Reykjavik

Ice Hotel

It could not be any cosier or more intimate than when spending NYE at the Ice Hotel.  At a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, the only thing to do is to snuggle up with your loved one, using body heat for warmth. The Northern Light suite at the hotel has an ice and light installation and an artistic celebration of the Aurora Borealis.

Proposer it up: This particular suite will have a specific type of light art installation, devised with help from The Proposers. Whilst lying back on your ice bed, gazing up at the northern lights dancing up above, we can organise short declarations of love for your girlfriend, ending on those four little words she has been waiting to hear. There is no doubt that after such an intimate and beautiful experience, she will agree to be your wife and there will be plenty of snuggling up and cuddles on cold nights ahead as a married couple.


Propose at: Le Grand Bal at the Hofburg Palace – Vienna


Imagine an illuminated red carpet rolled out for your girlfriend as she enters the ultra glamorous Le Grand Bal at Hofburg Palace. It will be opulent; decadent, therefore, this proposal may not suit your more laidback, humble kind of girl.  As you both need to be wearing your finest couture gowns (well, your girlfriend does!), why not present her with a stunning ball gown earlier in the day? What girl doesn’t want to dress up in her finery and be whisked off to a ball like a member of the Austrian Royal Family?

Proposer it up:  This year, at Le Grand Bal, the fairy-tale evening is themed Lâ Esprit Viennois (Viennese Spirit).  Whilst listening to an internationally celebrated soprano, a waiter delivers cryptic clues to lead you both to visit each of the beautiful state rooms. The final clue leads your girlfriend onto the balcony as the countdown begins for 2014.  You are there to meet her down on bended knee, asking for her hand in marriage.  She replies yes, and the fireworks that adorn Vienna will truly make this an unforgettable evening.


Propose on: The Orient Express  – Northern Belle

Best place t o propose: Orient express

Best place t o propose: Orient express

This will be no ordinary train journey and no ordinary proposal.  The Orient Express will be like stepping back in time to an era of sophistication and grandeur.  New Years Eve on the Orient Express involves a round trip gliding through Britain’s prettiest scenery, a five course meal, and a magician on board.

Proposer it up: To make your proposal really stand out, there is a selection of onboard gifts that you can choose to give to your girlfriend. We can help personalising these gifts eg, a bouquet of twelve red roses with a personal message or the walnut veneer photo frame with a picture of you both taken at a special event or moment. Best of all, The Proposers can incorporate a magic proposal for you.  The magician on board can perform his best and last trick on your girlfriend; he pulls out an engagement ring from behind her ear just in time to see in 2014. After the joyous moment of her accepting your proposal, enjoy a chilled bottle of Brut Reserve NV on board the train. Say cheers, congratulations and Happy New Year on a train ride that you will remember forever.


Propose at: The Casino De Monte Carlo – Monaco

Best place t o propose: Monte Carlo

Best place t o propose: Monte Carlo

If you and your partner love the high life, the glitz and a spot of gambling along the way, this legendary casino provides the perfect location for a NYE proposal; it will prove to be the biggest gamble of all.

Proposer it up: It is minutes before the new year so you need to ensure this is well timed (The Proposers can be on hand to help with this). You are both seated around the Roulette table; a croupier hands your girlfriend a stack of chips to place her bets.  But these are no ordinary chips.  On the reverse, the chips spell out Will you marry me? so as your girlfriend places her bets she will see that you plan to commit to her whole-heartedly.  With her answer being a yes, you wont need to gamble anymore as you would have landed your jackpot. All thats left to do is head over to Jimmyz, one of the worlds legendary nightclubs, to celebrate. Located by the sea and unique in design, it will create a very special atmosphere as you see the new year in as a couple making a life-long commitment.  Let the champagne flow!

If you would like The Proposers to help you with a proposal idea then get in touch.

Blogger: Alexandra Charalambous

Photo credits: Copacobana –
Ice Hotel –
Vienna – Style and Arts
Orient Express – Suzanne de Cornelia
Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo SBM Play

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