The Don’ts: Proposal Etiquette Guide

7th February '13

Thinking of proposing? Then make sure you read The Proposers Etiquette guide before you do. Today, we tackle the “Don’ts”

Don’t make any mistakes when it comes to proposing

Don’t propose spontaneously or on a whim
This is a big moment that she will remember forever. You don’t want to cheapen the moment by being unprepared.

Don’t make it public if she’s a private person
If she’s shy then you wouldn’t propose in front of a thousand piece flash mob or Wembley stadium! Some brides would prefer to have that magical moment just the two of you, so be thoughtful of her feelings too. However if she flashy then a big elaborate proposal is probably right up her alley.

Don’t hide the engagement ring in food
It’s been in a thousand movies and TV shows, and you won’t win any points for creativity. Even worse, you may end your romantic proposal with a trip to the emergency room or the dentist!

Don’t propose at a sports game
Games are loud and hectic. Even if she loves sport, it’s still not personal.

Don’t do it in front of her family
While your families will merge with your wedding, it is not their decision to do so. Proposals in front of family have an added level of stress that you don’t need. Take this moment to be just the two of you; don’t worry, you can call everyone immediately afterward.

Don’t make it too complicated
While it’s good to be creative with your proposal, it is important to keep the focus on what’s important: the proposal itself. If you are worrying about whether or not the limousine will get to the balloon ride in time, you’re worrying about the wrong thing, concentrate on those four famous words (The Proposers can take care of everything else).

Don’t propose too early in your relationship
When you first fall in love it’s a crazy whirlwind of romance. Make sure you really know each other and you commit to it for the rest of your lives.

Good Luck
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