The Low Down on Diamonds: Round Brilliant Cut

10th September '15

This is the first in a series of posts that we will be publishing on the main diamond shapes to give you the low down on diamonds and what you need to know before buying an engagement ring.

We will be exploring what makes them special, their history, and of course our favourite celebrity engagement rings featuring these stones!

First up is the incredibly popular, classic and timeless round brilliant cut. It is believed that this cut as we know it today came about in the early 20th century, and emerged from earlier cuts such as the Old European Cut from the 17th and 18th centuries.


It is the most popular cut of diamond, and is regularly seen in engagement rings, and other classic jewellery.

As you can see, a round brilliant cut stone makes an elegant and stunning centre for a simple engagement ring. It sparkles perfectly and the light bounces evenly off every angle!


Click the image to check out more solitaire diamond rings on the Purely Diamonds website

This cut isn’t just for single stone engagement rings either! There are endless possibilities with round brilliant cuts. For example, they are often used as shoulder stones to accent the main stone on rings.


Click the image to check out this beautiful ring!

Also, a popular type of engagement ring is a cluster ring- in this, round diamonds are often used to surround the main stone, or there is a cluster of several small round brilliant cut diamonds!


Click on the image to see more cluster diamond rings!

Round brilliant cut is an extremely popular cut for celebrity engagement rings as well.

Our favourites include Giselle Bundchen’s 4 carat solitaire round cut diamond engagement ring from American Football player Tom Brady.



Natalie Portman’s engagement ring from Benjamin Millepied is another beautiful example of round cut diamonds, with the main stone being surrounded by a halo of them, as well as shoulder stones.



Our partners at Purely Diamonds have some stunning round cut diamond engagement rings in their collection that range from simple and classic to glamorous and elaborate!

If you love any of the rings above, the pictures link directly to the products on the Purely Diamonds website, or access it here. 

If you need some help in planning the proposal to present one of these rings, get in touch with us at We’ve organised over 600 proposals and we have a 100% Yes! success rate, so you’ll be in good hands with us!

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