The Perfect Proposal Emergency Kit

Published on 3rd September '15
The Perfect Proposal Emergency Kit

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers
Proposing can be a very stressful and scary experience! Of course, we try and make it as fun and easy as possible, but sometimes we need a little extra help, and that's where the proposal emergency kit comes in! We're prepared for any eventuality and possible disaster that could here's what's in the perfect proposal emergency kit:  

Rescue Remedy

Source: Source: We can't blame someone about to pop the question for being nervous. Usually, our clients are more excited than nervous and love the experience... unfortunately however, we've also had some poor proposers who experienced panic attacks! We don't blame them, professing your love can be nerve wrecking! We hope we don't have to use it too much, but it's definitely necessary to have some Rescue Remedy or something similar at hand...  

A Little Tipple

Source: Source: Some people are cool as a cucumber in super important situations in their life and don't need any extra help, and it might not be the case for everyone of course... but some of us can use some Dutch courage before doing something as scary as proposing to the love of your life! Because of this, it's handy to have a little bottle of booze ready just in case... and it's perfect for celebrating with when they've said yes, too.  


Always happy tears, of course! Always happy tears, of course! Proposals and tears go hand in hand. We've never had a proposal that hasn't involved some tears being shed, whether it was by the person doing the proposing, the person being proposed to, or even one of us on the team!  


Source: Source: This might seem silly, but an awful lot of proposing revolves around your mouth: first, you have to ask your partner and there will probably be some celebratory kissing... and you don't want the cheese and onion crisps you had with lunch or the glug of whiskey you had to calm your nerves to overpower the beauty of your proposal!  


Source: Source: Aftershave, cologne, perfume... anything! Again, smell is important. We can't blame a person for getting a bit sweaty in anticipation of one of the biggest moments of their life, but we CAN have make sure that your partner doesn't think about anything else other  than saying a huge YES as you hug and hold them close!   If you want to have your own perfect proposal, get in contact at We've planned over 600 proposals and have a 100% YES! success rate, so you'll be in good hands with us!