The Proposers Go Global: A Russian Proposal

25th March '14

Russia is a country of history, opulence and wealth making it an ideal destination for a romantic proposal trip.We’ve taken a look at perfect spots to pop the question in Russia for locals and tourists as well as some Russian-inspired proposal ideas to celebrate the culture.

Russian dolls: A simple (and perhaps slightly cheesey, but sweet!) idea is to arrange a collection of personalised Russian Dolls, telling the story of your relationship and popping the ring inside the smallest one with a note asking the all-important question. Then add a special love note or promise to each doll layer and wrap them up as a special gift to present.


Tour tradition: A custom of many Russian weddings is to tour the city in a limousine with close friends and family after the ceremony so why not incorporate this tradition into your proposal? Send a limousine or luxury car to collect your fiance-to-be and send her on a tour of the cities sites and landmarks (your favourite and most romantic spots), collecting a friend or relative at every stop, each bearing a special gift. The final stop, at a special personal location perhaps where you shared your first date will see you with the best gift of all, a diamond ring!

A shot at love: You don’t get much more Russian than vodka. So why not incorporate this traditional tipple into a fun proposal? Create a one-of-a-kind label for your favourite Vodka brand using a special name or monogram in a hint at what is to come and line up a selection of shot glasses with phrases, song lyrics and love quotes on them (don’t get too carried away as you want to remember the night!) with the final shot glass reading: Will you marry me? and a sparkling ring inside!


If you’d prefer to visit the country for a location proposal then why not head to one of these romantic spots for a memorable trip:

Moscow Ballet: Enjoy an elegant and extravagant night at the world-famous Moscow Ballet. The ballet offers a chance to get dressed up in all your finery for a night of luxury that will never be forgotten. Why not use the beautiful theatre and art form to create a magical proposal night in a private box with champagne?


Saint Basils Cathedral: This colourful and quirky building in Moscow is one of Russia’s most famous landmarks and one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Enjoy the architecture and grandeur of this building and use the incredible landscape as a beautiful location for a surprise proposal in a superb setting. Or take a step back into the infamous Red Square for a heart-stopping proposal in the heart of Russia’s capital city with all eyes watching.

If you’re looking to propose in Russia then we’re bursting with ideas. Just get in touch

If you’re looking to propose in another country then never fear, each week we will be giving away free proposal tips for a different country.

Image Source: Russia Legacy, Moscow Bolhoi

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