The Proposers go global: An Australian proposal

Published on 28th May '14
If you're looking for a special country to pop the question, then head Down Under. Australia has the amazing weather, beautiful beaches and fun atmosphere for one hell of a celebration. So if you're looking for a way to propose in Australia - or you want to embrace some Australian culture - then check out our ideas. 2012moments Fireworks: New Year's Eve at Sydney Harbour unbeatable. Take a romantic picnic along and claim a good spot by the water. Enjoy an intimate dinner for two: champagne, seafood, strawberries and get ready for the most explosive night of your life. Then, as the countdown begins and the clock strikes 12, pop that all-important question. Fireworks will light up the sky as you celebrate. Uluru: Ayers Rock also known as Uluru is on of Australia's most iconic landmarks. The sandstone rock in central Oz could make the perfect proposal setting. Wake up early and lead your girlfriend down to the foot of the rock to see sunrise, then in the shadow of the rock, drop to one knee and pop the question. A New Testament: One Australian wedding tradition is to give a bible as a wedding gift to keep and pass through the generations as a family heirloom. The bible contains a section to record family announcements. So, have a beautiful bible made for your fiance-to-be with a special page to record your engagement and tie the ring to the page marker. Present it to your girlfriend and await your answer. sandcastlecentral Paradise proposal: Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches and seaside spots in the world. Head down to a quiet stretch of sand and get creative. Use rocks, shells, driftwood perhaps the odd surfboard or two and write out your proposal message in the sand. Or perhaps, if you're feeling artistic, you could create an amazing sand sculpture to pop the question? Then, as your love approaches drop to one knee and shout it from the rooftops: Will you marry me!? For more Ozzy-inspired proposal ideas, contact The Proposers. Image source: 2012 moments, Sand castle central.