The Proposers go global: An Indian proposal

24th April '14

Embrace the fun and flamboyance of India by creating a colourful and creative proposal which is bound to stand out from the rest. Indian weddings are very important celebrations with many customs and traditions which have evolved over the years.

If you want to get in touch with your Indian heritage, or just propose in an exotic or exciting way, then give one of these Indian-inspired ideas a go.

Henna: The Mehndi celebration is often held in place of a hen party and sees the bride gather with her female family and friends to be decorated with henna designs. The grooms initials are often hidden among the design. So for a twist on this tradition, why not take your lady for some henna fun and have will you marry me? hidden in the designs?


Baraat: In India it is a wedding custom for the groom to lead a procession to the brides home on the day of the wedding. If you want a proposal which is guaranteed to make everyone stop and stare then this could be the one for you! You’ll need to call in favours from all your friends and family to take part in the procession – which also features live music and dancing – before arriving at your fiance-to-bes home to ask that all-important question in front of your nervous entourage.

Bollywood: If you’re looking for an elaborate and over-the-top way to propose then a Bollywood-themed proposal could be just the ticket. Choose an upbeat and fun Bollywood song and pull together friends and family or dancers if budget allows to plan a dance routine full of classic Bollywood moves ending with you down on one knee. Then, you need to decide whether to perform in an organised location, such as a theatre, or whether to go for the shock factor and plan a flashmob for your unsuspecting girlfriend.


Rangoli: This is an Indian folk art in which coloured rice, sand, flour and petals are used to create patterns and designs on the ground during festivals. Use this beautiful and eye-catching art form to create a stunning design to proclaim your love for your partner perhaps feature love hearts, or her favourite colours.

For more unique global proposal ideas, contact The Proposers.

Image source – freakify, stylishandtrendy.

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