The Rise of the Tube Proposal

5th August '15

The Tube Strike looms upon us, and as we all know it’s pretty annoying.

But let’s not be negative when we think of the London Underground. Lets instead think of the amazing wedding proposals that have graced the carriages and put a smile on the faces of so many (otherwise probably quite grumpy) commuters!

You might not automatically think of the tube as an engagement venue, but its actually a fantastic place for a great, extravagant wedding proposal that is extremely difficult to say no to.


Just like any other day…

We all love flashmobs, and although the tube may be a bit constrictive for any elaborate dancing, its just perfect for singing! With enough singers, its easy to overpower any other noise, and best of all… its such an unusual spot for a proposal that even if every other passenger suddenly bursts into song, your partner will never guess that its all for them!

Imagine them bobbing their head along to their favourite song and wondering whats going on, when suddenly you get down on one knee and pop the question! We cant think of a better way to spend a train journey.

The only thing you should be concerned about with this tube strike is hoping that the next one doesn’t fall on the same day of your own lovely tube proposal!

Here is an amazing flashmob proposal to take inspiration from that’s had almost 2 million views:

If it’s time to propose to your partner and you want to make this incredible idea a reality, or if you want to go about a proposal in a different way, email us at . We’ve planned over 600 proposals and have a 100% She Said Yes! success rate, so we know the best way to achieve the engagement of your dreams!

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