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The world’s smallest marriage proposal

26th November '12

It’s so easy for men to think that to propose properly you have to think of something HUGE, BIG, EXTRAVAGANT ! Here at Proposers HQ, we know that’s not the case. After all, every couple is different which means every proposal should be too. Which is why we nearly fell over backwards with excitement when we heard that physics student Elad Dekel wanted to create the world’s smallest marriage proposal.

So how did he do it? Being  a bit of a physics geek, Elad invited his girlfriend Chen to look around his university physics lab. Insisting that she understood what he does in the lab everyday, he told her to look through the microscope at some of the microchips he was working on.

Plated in silicon and gold, the chip measures 1 square centimeter, one specific chip had to be viewed under a microscope before Dekels girlfriend, Chen Mendelowitz, realised what she was seeing. There, on the chip, was an image of  the two of them with the words, “Chen, Will you Marry me? Elad.”
As well as getting that all important “yes” Elad is now submitting his marriage proposal to the Guinness book of Records in the hope he can claim the title of “world’s smallest marriage proposal.” We think he’s got a very good chance!
So, if you want to propose to your other half in a creative way, then that’s what we are here for. Ok, so we’re not Physics Buffs but we have come up with some pretty incredible proposals ourselves (even if we do say so ourselves! Check them out here!).
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