Thinking of proposing on Halloween?

30th October '12

Ok, so you know you want to propose. That’s the easy bit.

But how do you actual DO it? How do you come up with a Proposal Idea that will have your other half quaking in her books (with pleasure of course! We dont intent to scare her!)

As professional proposal planners, we know all the great tricks and treats when it comes to fabulous proposal ideas with a Halloween theme. Hell, we’ve arranged enough of them (did we tell you about the one when the guy wanted to break into her house wearing a scream mask in order to propose? Yes. Really…..We swiftly put him off.)

So boys, get your pen and paper ready because here are some fabulous exclusive proposal tips from the best proposal planners in town. But you know us…we don’t like generic proposal ideas. As we specialise in proposals tailored to your relationship, we think you should do the same. Make sure your proposal has something special within it that makes it personal to you and your partner. This is what we’d do
1. Generic proposal idea from  google: Suggest you carve a pumpkin together. Make sure the pumpkin is already cored so that all you have to do together is put a face into it. But before you start (and whilst she’s out of the room!) place the engagement ring inside. A sure-fire way to get her screaming (with pleasure!)

What The Proposers would do: Why not get two pumpkins and suggest a competition to see who can make the best pumpkin face. Whilst she is just carving out hers, you pretend to be busy doing yours (little does she know, you already carved yours earlier that day!) You can make sure she doesn’t try to see what you’re doing by saying you are not allowed to see each others until you are done.

When she’s finished you get her to show you her pumpkin. You then turn your pumpkin around for her to see and instead of a face you have carved LOOK INSIDE into it. It’s then time for her to peer into the pumpkin and take out everything that is inside. Inside the pumpkin will be filled with little trinkets/memories from your relationship and things you have done together (cinema tickets, love notes, photos etc). And right at the bottom of the pumpkin….her engagement ring

2. Generic Proposal idea from Google: Don’t know what to wear to that Halloween party you have both been invited to? Why not go as the Corpse Bride and Groom….and then actually propose.

What The Proposers would do: If your girlfriend is the type of girl who likes fancy dress, then she’ll probably like being the centre of attention too. Why not arrange a flash mob Halloween proposal as you are on your way to your party. As you walk down the street, people dressed as witches and ghosts start doing the “monster Mash”….it’s only at the end of the flash mob when all of the dancers remove their masks to reveal every member of her family. As she is in shock at having her nearest and dearest with her, you get down on one knee.

3. Generic Proposal idea  from Google: Take her trick or treating. Hand her a bag full of sweets…and tell her to look inside. Lo and Behold…there is an engagement ring!

What The Proposers would do: This would take a bit of organisation (don’t worry, we can do that for you!) You arrange to do trick or treating down your street. At every door that opens, the resident hands her an Amnesia Rose with a note attached to it, reminding her of a special memory you have spent together. At the end of the Trick or Treat you hand her the final rose….and the note saying “I want this night to be another memory we can share together…and remember forever.” Now it’s time for you to get on one knee.

So, if you want to propose soon, our advice is MAKE SURE IT’S PERSONAL. Don’t google generic proposal ideas…that’s never going to impress anyone. Instead, get in touch with The Proposers and we can make something very special happen for you….

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