The Best Places To Propose In London

Published on 11th March '19
The Best Places To Propose In London


Are you thinking of popping the question in London?

With our team based in Soho and being the UK's first, and biggest, marriage proposal planning company, not only do we know the best spots and hidden gems in London, we also specialise in creating unique proposal ideas exclusively for you and your partner.

We've spent many years finding the best ways and places to propose, so here's our top 9 places to propose in London.

The Best Places For A London Proposal

Best Places For London Proposal

1) Tower Bridge

Did you know that you can privately hire the walkway at the top of the bridge exclusively for your London proposal? Why not fill it with thousands of petals, candles, lanterns and fairy lights while you pop the question over-looking London.

Tower Bridge Proposal | Best Places To Propose In London

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2) St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. A well-known feature is the Whispering Gallery. A whisper against the wall can be clearly heard at the other side, 112 feet away. If your fit enough to get to the very top there is a hidden spier outside with the perfect backdrop to your proposal, which overlooks the whole of London.

St Paul's Cathedral | The Best Places For A Proposal London

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3) Sky Garden

At the top of London’s walkie talkie building, the Sky Garden is at the very top. It is quite literally the highest garden in Europe. This new building is a great place to propose in London with its 360 views of the city and secluded areas nestled into the rainforest. Imagine proposing under the stars with fairy lights, candles or even a private musician to serenade your partner.

Sky Garden London Proposal | The Best Places To Propose London

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4) London Eye

One of the most iconic attractions in London with 360-degree views over this incredible city. You can hire a private pod and serenade your loved one with singers who will perform “your” song whilst you propose.

London Eye Proposal

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5) Shangri-la at The Shard

The Shangri-La is an incredible 5 * hotel, located in the world-famous glass skyscraper - The Shard. Proposing in any of their bedrooms, suites, restaurants or private event spaces would quite literally be perfect, especially considering The Shard has THE BEST views of London.

The Shard London Proposal

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6) The Savoy Hotel

The Savoy is one of the world’s most prestigious and best-known hotels in the world. Its luxurious and decadent interior lends itself well to private dining with all the trimmings for you to propose in London.

The Savoy | Best Places For London Proposal

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7) Battersea Bandstand

Take an evening stroll through Battersea park and stumble across a magical bandstand covered in twinkly fairy lights. Take your partner by the hand and propose on-one-knee in the middle, for the ultimate proposal photo.  

Battersea Bandstand | London Proposals

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8) Royal Observatory

Do you want to propose under the starry London night sky? The Planetarium in Greenwich offers private marriage proposals with your names personalised in stars and that ultimate question in the sky.

Royal Observatory London Proposal

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9) The Ritz

Fancy proposing at one of the most prestigious hotels in the world? The grandeur of The Ritz is the perfect venue to host your fairy-tale proposal. If you’re lucky enough, you may even see the Queen who regularly has lunch there.

Ritz Propose in London

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10) Anywhere you like

London is such a beautiful city that there are endless possibilities when it comes to planning your proposal.

From more of London's famous parks and gardens, like Regents Park and Kensington Gardens, to luxury restaurants and hotels, to a cruise along the Thames or one of London's canals, there is no place that can't offer a great proposal that will have your partner saying yes.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you plan a custom proposal in one of the locations above, or anywhere else that you have in mind.

 Best Places For London Proposal

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