The 5 Most Romantic Proposal Spots in London with a View

Published on 21st September '15
The 5 Most Romantic Proposal Spots in London with a View

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The Proposers
The Proposers
London is an incredibly romantic city. What makes it so romantic? Without a doubt it is its beauty, so we have compiled a list of where to get the best views in the city to guarantee a perfect proposal spot.

1. The Shard

d6a770d44a52b36f8e7109494fe9b4df-149x300 As the tallest building in London, The Shard may seem obvious, but we just have to put it in because we love it so much! The Shard offers an absolutely stunning view of Central London, but it's not just about what you can see outside the windows. The Shard is such a great proposal spot because there are so many different ways you can propose once you're inside. Perhaps you could surprise your partner by popping the question whilst surrounded by fellow sightseers while on a seemingly innocent trip? For example, we organised a singing flashmob for Kayleigh which completely took her by surprise! After enjoying the singers, her boyfriend went to join them and got down on one knee in front of everyone. The crowds loved it, and so did she! jbbaeieb Or why not take advantage of the restaurants, hotels and bars on offer to have amazing food and service leading up to the big question with the view in the background? Just one of the many options would be organising a surprise in the Shangri-La, which is a luxury 7 star hotel with an amazing restaurant, infinity pool and more... wouldn't it be so romantic to rent a private room or even rent the pool?

2. Parliament Hill

Flickr_-_Duncan-_-_London_from_Parliament_Hill_(1) Source: It's not all about central London! For a more intimate outdoors proposal, consider heading up to North London to the iconic Parliament Hill. Parliament Hill is just one small part of the huge Hampstead Heath. We particularly like it because it is calm and beautiful- perfect for a romantic picnic and afternoon stroll. A large part of this is the view. From this point, you have a panoramic view of Central London, which is particularly spectacular any part of the day! You can see Canary Wharf, the Shard, the Gherkin and St Paul's Cathedral... so you have the beauty of the city without the hustle and bustle! 12041086_10154434485034988_624170939_o The couple above had a beautiful moonlight proposal with the London skyline all lit up, and lots of these neon lights on parliament hill creating the perfect atmosphere.

3. The London Eye

proposal-8-1024x682 The London eye is also one of our favourite proposal spots. It's such a good place to pop the question because unlike other iconic spots, the London Eye isn't stationary... you get to see every inch of central London in a moving pod, so you can fully soak up the city's romantic atmosphere. The pods may seem small, but they offer many possibilities! You can have a proposal flashmob, or even hire out the whole pod just for the two of you for an incredibly intimate moment. What's more, we can make it even more romantic: we can organise a private dinner in the pod, a romantic serenade, and much more!

4. The Gherkin

Source: Source: The Gherkin is such an iconic building in central London. It is great to look at, and also great to look out of! Situated right in the city next to The Shard, you get the same stunning views, but it is calmer, far less busy, and even quite intimate. It's an incredibly smart building, and the perfect place to really catch your partner off guard, if this is the kind of thing you think they would enjoy. For example, we organised a very special and unique proposal in the Gherkin in which we invited Marie there under the guise of going for a business interview... When she arrived at the smart room with an amazing view of the city, she was caught completely off guard when her boyfriend came in and got down on one knee!  

5. Emirates Air Line

Source: Source: Emirates Air Line is a new and exciting development in London! It takes you in a gondola from Victoria to Greenwich with absolutely beautiful views in a way that is completely unique. Taking you across the Thames, you see more than looking outside the venue of even the tallest buildings, and it is incredibly atmospheric. Why not hire a private cabin and pop the question on a beautiful day, or even at sunset? This is a unique and original way to propose which they are sure to love! There are many things that we could arrange inside the cabin, but which would you prefer? A private serenade? An engagement announcement over the loudspeaker? Actors posing as regular people suddenly bring out 'Marry Me?' signs? The possibilities are endless!

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