Top TV proposals

28th April '14

The Proposers may no longer be on your screens (quietly sobs!) but that’s no reason to feel down in the dumps. We’ve picked out what we think are the top three proposals on the small screen just to cheer you all up.

3. Hilary & Trevor Fresh Prince of Bel Air
High-maintenance Bel Air princess Hilary has finally found the man of her dreams, and in her usual demanding style, requests a special proposal. So, dressed in her wedding dress and veil, she settles in front of the television with the whole Banks family to watch Trevor’s bungee jump proposal live. But it doesn’t quite go to plan! Although it doesn’t technically end with an engagement, we felt it deserved a place on the list for sheer imagination and funny factor despite the messy result!


2. Lady Mary & Matthew Crawley Downton Abbey
In true period drama fashion, Lady Mary is to wed Matthew Crawley so they can inherit the Downton fortune, but they’re not convinced by the family’s plan. They don’t get off on the right foot and, even after growing closer, Lady Mary refuses Matthews first proposal. As they go their separate ways and become engaged to other people, Matthew’s injury in the war finally brings them closer together and following the death of his fiancé and breakdown of her relationship he gets down on bended knee and proposes under the stars outside Downton. And she says yes! Perfect.


1. Monica & Chandler – Friends
banff and canmore wedding planner
It wouldn’t be a top TV proposals list without at least one appearance from the Friends cast and let’s face it, there are a few to pick from: Ross and Emily, Joey and Rachel, Phoebe and Mike. But, in this list, Monica and Chandlers will-they wont-they proposal episode takes the top spot. After Chandler spends time trying to put Monica off the scent and convince her he does not want to get married, she questions their relationship and considers leaving him. As he rushes home to track her down Joey tells him she has left, but as he walks into the apartment, he spots her surrounded by dozens of candles. Monica drops to one knee and begins to propose before breaking down and exclaiming: Theres a reason why girls don’t do this! before Chandler takes over. A perfect TV proposal with necessary audience oooohs and aaaahs.


If you’re looking for a proposal fit for a TV show, contact The Proposers.


Image source: Banff and Canmore wedding planner,,

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