Treasure Hunt Proposal with Iranian Musicians & Singers!

17th May '18

Amir knew that he wanted to give his beautiful girlfriend Shadab the most memorable and unique proposal ever and had the most creative idea of organising a treasure hunt around London at their most treasured locations!

Our Proposal Planners got to work to come up with the perfect proposal for our happy couple to ensure that each location was completely thought out.

The proposal day arrived and Amir was ready to take his soon to be wife on the most exciting journey that she would never forget….

The first stop was Vista Bar in Trafalgar Square where our happy couple have enjoyed many romantic dates together!

As they were coming to an end with their visit, Amir made the excuse that he needed to pop out for a business call but he was actually going to meet one of our Proposal Planners so he could prepare for his all-important question!

Meanwhile, Shadab was approached by another one of our Proposal Planners who handed her a beautifully hand-written note by our talented Proposal Planner, Stephanie. The note read ‘Head to one of our favourite memories’. There was also a map attached with instructions on how to get to the next mysterious location.

Little did Shadab know that she was about to start a journey she would never forget! Following the instructions, Shadab headed to Trafalgar Square where she found a beautiful frame with a photo of her and Amir in on a bench. Placed next to the gift was another set of instructions and a map…

Shadab continued to follow the instructions and found herself arriving at the Horse Guards Parade. A videographer was also following her discreetly, capturing her different reactions! As she arrived, she spotted a mysterious box with a tag on saying ‘For Shadab, with love from Amir’.

Shadab then opened the box and inside she found an iPad with a video of Amir on it… Whilst watching the video, Shadab’s eyes lit up with joy as the message was truly romantic and you could really see that it had completely captured her heart.

After she had listened to the video, she read the next set of instructions and carried on her way.

As she arrived at Embankment, she saw her one true love standing there waiting for her. She was so happy and ran up to him and gave him a huge hug!

He told her how much he loved her, took her hand and started walking along the bridge. She still had no idea what was going on (or what else was to come!)

As they were walking, one of our Proposal Planners was standing with two members of the public each holding a photo of the couple! (The public love getting involved in our romantic proposals and we don’t blame them!)

Amir and Shadab we’re handed three extremely cute photos of them which brought another tear to Shadab’s eye.

They continued to walk down Hungerford Bridge and down the stairs. To Shadab’s surprise they then came along traditional Iranian musicians started who began to perform ‘their song’ ‘Pa be Paye To’.

There was also two very talented professional Iranian Dancers performing with huge feathered fans! Shadab watched with amazement!

The happy couple danced to the great music with the public all clapping along! Near to the end of the performance, the dancers came in between Amir and Shadab with the huge fans, allowing Amir a moment to get down on one knee!

When he had taken the stunning ring out of his hidden pocket he was ready to propose…

The dancers removed the fans from in between him and Shadab and Amir popped the all-important question!

Shadab was over joyed and couldn’t believe her eyes! Our bride-to-be dropped to the floor in emotion and she said a huge YES!

After this, Amir and Shadab celebrated their engagement with the incredible view of The London Eye in the background and continued to dance to the Iranian music!

Congratulations Amir and Shadab, you truly had an incredibly unique proposal.

You can watch the full proposal video here:


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