Trick or Treat? A Halloween Proposal!

Published on 13th October '15
Trick or Treat? A Halloween Proposal!

You may think that you can't be romantic at this time of the year but with Halloween just over two weeks away we decided to put together some of our favourite spooktacular proposal ideas!

Pumpkin Proposals

This is such a romantic way to propose! It's also quite simple which is a bonus! All you have to do is carve 'Will You Marry Me' into the pumpkins, which will clearly show when lit. To make this idea even more special you can put the pumpkins in a woodland area to come across when you go for a moonlit stroll!


Cast a Spell

If your partner loves Halloween and reading this could be the perfect proposal for them! You would need to cut out the inside of a Book of Spells and place the ring inside. When your partner opens the book there will be a poof of smoke and then the ring will appear. Truly magical! d2839d5bad474af731e12122f062b2a0

Haunted Maze Proposal

This proposal is great because you can make it as scary or romantic as you like. Firstly you will have to find a maze that is open after dark. Then you will have to recruit actors to be your zombie's, ghosts, vampires or any other terrifying beings that you can think of! Whilst your partner is busy being scared out of their wits, you can go to the end of the maze to wait, (we suggest you go with friends or family so that your partner will not be left alone). Here you can set up a beautiful scene of candles, fairy lights, flower petals and personalised decor such as photographs and a love story timeline. You can even have a singer waiting to serenade you and your partner whilst you propose! light-up-marriage-proposal When your partner arrives and sees the stunning scene in front of them all will be forgiven for abandoning them in the maze!

Thriller Proposal

We LOVE flash mob proposals and we think that 'Thriller' would be the perfect Halloween flash mob for any unsuspecting partner! Especially if they love Michael Jackson! Take look at this video of a 'Thriller' proposal but imagine the dancers with much scarier outfits!

Trick or Treating Proposal

We know it's usually only little children who do it, but this year why don't you and your partner get dressed up in your Halloween outfits and go trick or treating yourselves? Instead of visiting random houses you can get your friends and family involved by visiting them instead. Then get one of them to plant your special sweet! Obviously you wouldn't want to put the proper engagement ring in your partners bag in case it gets lost, (or worse eaten!) so instead you can get a Love Heart sweet ring, which says, ˜Marry Me' on it! So romantic! marryme\ As you can see Halloween can still be an incredibly romantic time. Just don't propose like this guy did! If you've been inspired by our Halloween themed proposals or would like help organising your own unique idea contact us at We're professional proposal and romantic events planners, and we've arranged over 600 proposals with a 100% success rate, so you're in good hands with us!   Credit:,,, Alicias Wishes