Unique Christmas Proposals

21st December '17

The excitement of knowing that Christmas is merely a few days away is enough for any romance to blossom.  In a survey, Christmas Eve has been voted as the most romantic time to pop the question, and 57 percent of men believe you should plan to spend Christmas together as soon as you start a relationship. We say it’s also the perfect time (and reason) to meet the family! Today at The Proposers HQ we have been reminiscing our most favourite Christmas proposals over the last 6 years…

Love Finds A Way Jigsaw Proposal

Why give 1 present at Christmas when you can give 8?! In December our lovely client Martin came over from Canada to propose to his girlfriend, Veronica. Martin and Veronica love London, and wanted to visit all the iconic spots, so Martin enlisted our help to arrange a truly amazing proposal for her. We decided that a treasure hunt would be the perfect proposal for the couple if they wanted to visit various locations around London. At each location, a clue was given to Veronica which would direct her to the next surprise… Martin told us that he and Veronica have a really romantic story.

They had been high school sweethearts at university, but had lost touch after and since then fate had brought them back together! So we decided to create a life sized puzzle of a Love Story movie poster, pieces of which, would be given along with a clue, to Veronica throughout the day. They were picked up from each location in their very own, exclusively hired Jaguar where they were driven to each destination. That evening the couple were taken to the Shangri-La in The Shard to enjoy a private meal for two overlooking Tower Bridge. As Martin led

Veronica into the room, which was adorned with fairy lights, lanterns and red and gold rose petals, she noticed the life sized puzzle in front of her, with empty spaces that had been left for the pieces she had collected throughout the day. As she slotted the jigsaw pieces into place she saw that it created a movie poster of a couple kissing underneath a red umbrella. The title of their romantic movie was ‘Love Finds A Way,’ (notice the significance!) After the jigsaw was complete, Martin got down on one knee and asked Veronica to marry him, and she said YES! They spent the rest of the night celebrating with a delicious three-course meal and champagne.

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‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ Themed Proposal

“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before. I’ll be there for you, Cause you’re there for me too.”

This has to be one of our most favourite proposals of all time. It seems a lot of people loved it too as it went viral! You cannot even imagine the excitement at The Proposers office when Mitesh came to us and said that he needed our help to create a completely unique ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ themed proposal for his beautiful girlfriend Anisha. Anisha’s favourite TV show is ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ so we knew that we had to make this proposal extra special for her. To give that extra personalised touch to their proposal, we hireed some of our wonderful West End singers to

serenade our couple with the theme tune. And you can’t have a ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ themed proposal without the famous sofa and lamp that are seen in the opening credits of the show… so this is exactly what we hired and set up in a hidden garden that overlooked The Shard. As the couple arrived at the garden, Anisha was completely shocked to see the beautiful scene in front of her.

Her eyes welled up with tears as Mitesh lead her through the trail of lanterns and fairy lights to sit on the sofa.

After they sat down a familiar song began to play and one by one the singers came out of hiding to serenade the couple. As they got to the chorus Mitesh got down on one knee and asked Anisha to be his wife.

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Waddesdon Manor Christmas Laser Light Show Proposal 

Tim travelled all the way from Hong Kong with his girlfriend Shanti, for the Christmas break. He got in contact with us to plan a Christmas proposal that has ‘never been done before’… and we had the most mesmerising idea! Tim wanted to treat Shanti to day of luxury so we arranged for them to be picked up from their hotel in London to be taken in a Rolls Royce to Bicester Village. After a luxurious day of shopping Tim told Shanti that he still had one final surprise for her, and on their way back to London we surprised Shanti with a detour to Waddesdon Manor.

We arranged for the couple to be given exclusive access to the Manor. As the couple made their way through the winding wooded driveway up to the house Shanti was shocked by this amazing scene in front of her.However, that was not all! Getting out of the car Tim lead Shanti over to the two Christmas trees, which were each side of the front door. As Shanti approached the Christmas trees, she noticed that these werent any ordinary Christmas decorations… these had photos of the happy couple inside and also engraved into the wooden plaques were their happy memories! Tim also had told us that Shanti loves dogs, (cocker spaniels in particular), so when Shanti had finished looking at the trees she was thrilled when one of our planners brought a spaniel dressed in a Father Christmas outfit over to her! The dog had a special message for Shanti tied around his neck, which said “Will you marry me?”As she read the message Tim got down on one knee and asked Shanti to be his wife…and she said YES! As a celebratory surprise we arranged for the couple to watch an incredible light show, which was projected onto the beautiful house in time to music.

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White Christmas in Iceland

Everybody loves a white Christmas. Some travel far to have this too… Kieron had booked the trip of a lifetime to see the Northern Lights in Iceland  for his beautiful girlfriend Claire. We organised an intimate private horse ride to explore the volcanic landscape of Reykjavik. When Claire & Kieron were picked up from their hotel in the morning she thought she was just going on a romantic horse ride as part of theirIceland itinerary… At the stables they saddled up and started the ride on their Icelandic Ponies through the snow. She has no idea whats

about to happen… As they rode further into the Icelandic landscape Claire started to spot our handmade signs which Kieron had personalised. At first to Claire they just looked like cute love notes until they began to get more personalised to her… And then Claire saw the last sign, this time she knew it was definitely for her! Which is when Kieron & Claire got down off their horses and his cue to pop the question, and of course she said YES!!! Kieron and Claire then enjoyed a picnic in the snow to celebrate their engagement crack open the Champagne.

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Love Actually Proposal

Christmas would not be the same without Love Actually! One of our favourite festive traditions is to snuggle up on the sofa to watch Love Actually.  Pete wanted to treat his girlfriend Cloe to a day of surprises that she will never forget and make her feel completely like a celeb for the day. We booked Cloe into one of the most exclusive suites in the fabulous ME hotel on the Strand and found the top celebrity hair and make up stylists to pamper her on her big day; not to mention they arrived with the designer clothes, (and handbag!), that Pete had specifically

chosen for Cloe. As Cloe left the hotel she was greeted boat she then got on a helicopter, to an idyllic estate in the countryside in Hertfordshire. Here, Cloe met Pete and he guided her into a church, where she was even more surprised to be in the centre of a re-creation scene from her favourite film, Love Actually! As Cloe walked inside one instrument started, Cloe was completely shocked but not as much as when a 30 piece choir stood and sang “All You Need is Love”, before Pete got down on one knee and popped the question!!!!

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We are Europe’s and the UK’s leading Romantic Events and Proposal Planners, with over 1,000 proposals all with a 100% success rate, you will be in safe hands with us. If you would like our help to plan your very own proposal, then get in touch on info@theproposers.co.uk or check out our website for more information www.theproposers.co.uk

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