When proposals go wrong – caught on camera

21st January '15

For the dozens of romantic, tear-jerking proposals that make the headlines across the world there are several that hit the news stands for all the wrong reasons.

Not all proposals go quite to plan and when they don’t, you want to hope there aren’t any cameras – or thousands of spectators – around. Unfortunately, for these (un)lucky devils there were.

It all starts so well. A trip out on the lake with friends and, as the boat approaches the shore, she spots the ‘Will you marry me?’ signs on the beach. But, what happened next could not have been foreseen. As the excited and shocked bride-to-be spins to see her boyfriend, she knocks the awaiting ring into the water to a chorus of gasps.

It’s all going swimmingly (literally!) for this guy – he’s got on his best suit and has picked a beautiful spot to pop the question, with a group of friends poised to capture the special moment. As he waits for his yes from a teary-eyed girlfriend, a huge wave crashes into them and sends them flying. Luckily, she sees the funny side and a belated yes seals the deal.

This hopeless romantic’s proposal ends painfully when his other half – who is caught off guard by his musical serenade in a Dubai shopping mall – takes an instrument and smashes him over the head with it. I think that means no…

weibo1_3101941bEven 99 iPhones couldn’t secure a yes for this techy man who hoped his grand gesture would sweep his girlfriend of her feet. Unfortunately for him, his proposal left him broken-hearted and out of pocket (£50,000 out of pocket)!

To ensure your proposal DOESN’T end up like these, get in touch with The Proposers who can help you arrange the perfect occasion and guarantee a yes.

Media source – The Telegraph, youtube.


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