Why Flashmobs are Here to Stay

12th August '15

There has been a phenomenon sweeping the world in the last few years… FLASHMOBS. At first, flashmobs were fairly random and varied… sometimes they would happen anywhere for seemingly no reason!

But then something happened that changed the face of flashmobs forever… the flashmob proposal!

Finally, there was a way to combine imagination, music, dancing, a huge crowd, and wedding proposals, all to make the loudest and biggest way ever to pop the question.


This combined with YouTube has allowed us to share these wonderful moments with the world, so it’s not hard to understand why flashmob proposals are so popular!

They’re showing no sign of slowing down, either.

Dancing flashmobs are the original favourites, and it’s hardly surprising! They draw in huge crowds easily, and having lots of dancers with perfectly choreographed dance moves is very impressive.

This is one of our favourite dancing flashmobs that is perfect for any couple who love the limelight… and it came as a complete surprise to the bride-to-be!

It’s not all about dancing though, as singing flashmob proposals are also becoming increasingly popular. Hearing an amazing rendition of your favourite song that then turns into a marriage proposal would be pretty amazing…

Look at this lovely flashmob proposal overlooking the River Thames!

Flashmobs aren’t just outside either, they’re so versatile they can be done almost anywhere…  and to prove it, here’s a lovely singing flashmob proposal in a pod on the London Eye!

If this isn’t proof that flashmob proposals are here to stay, then we’re not sure what is!

If you want to organise your own flashmob proposal, or any other kind of proposal, email us at info@theproposers.co.uk. We’ve organised over 600 proposals and have a 100% She Said Yes! success rate, so make sure to get in touch to find out why!

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