Why You Should Use Our Romance Concierge

9th October '15

It’s no secret that here at The Proposers we are fantastic proposal planners. However, we don’t just do proposals… we live and breathe all romantic events!

This is where our romance concierge comes in: our service that helps you plan amazing events for birthdays, anniversaries, or even date nights. After all, you don’t need an excuse to be romantic!

Birthdays are very special events, and there’s nothing better than being fawned over and spoiled on your birthday! If you believe that your loved one deserves to have a birthday worthy of bragging about, you’ve come to the right place.


We can organise almost anything for a birthday, and we can guarantee that what we do will be completely personalised and unique to you! From a happy birthday flashmob, to a huge, themed birthday party with all of your family and friends, to a luxurious and romantic intimate dinner for two… we know they’ll love it!

We understand that anniversaries can get a bit repetitive. If you want a change from the usual anniversary proceedings, we know how to spice your anniversary up and make sure your partner is the envy of all of their friends!


How about having a custom made scrapbook full of your memories of married life presented to your partner in a beautifully decorated hotel room? Or maybe you could transport your usual anniversary dinner date from a crowded restaurant to a private London Eye pod, with the gorgeous view of Central London in the background.

But then again, why wait until a birthday or an anniversary? We’ve realised that date nights can sometimes get a bit mundane after a few years, and we don’t ever want to you to get bored. So it doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, why not completely surprise your partner on a random day and make it one they won’t forget.

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Why not take a break from life for a night and rent out an amazing hotel room, or have an amazing dinner in a private dining room? We can arrange this for you, and transform them into beautiful, romantic and intimate settings for an extra special date night.

It doesn’t end there, however. Get in contact with us at info@theproposers.co.uk and you’ll see that with us, the possibilities are endless! With our team of expert romantic events planners, we can make a birthday, anniversary or date night the most special night of your partners life!

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