Wine Bottle Proposal

10th December '12

We recently arranged an intimate creative proposal which involved WINE!

Our client wanted to surprise his girlfriend of 20 years with a proposal in London. This couple are from London so we arranged everything from the restaurant to the hotel to the whole proposal. And heres how we did it. For the couples privacy, were just sharing the detailed shots from their stunning Wine proposal.


The couple checked into a stunning 5* hotel in central London and spent the day relaxing in the spa pampering themselves with luxurious treatments and afternoon tea.


Once glammed-up for the evening the couple headed out for the night of their lives. First stop, a funky cocktail bar where a quiet table had been reserved for them.

2nd stop, The proposal restaurant,  Top French restaurant Gauthier. And this is where the fun begins. Remember how we said this proposal involved wine? Well Gauthier make their own French wines. They also happen to have a private room with wine racks going all the way around the room with a romantic table set-up in the middle filled with candles.

And heres the creative bit. We created a personalised wine label which aided his proposal. Our client quite liked the shock factor element so the wine was placed into the wine rack so it blended in well. Then when the waiter took their drink order, he suggested their very best wine and pulled out the proposal bottle to show the label. Lets just say she was very surprised.

Front of bottle

The back of the bottle then described his stylish, fun wife-to-be and their 4 kids (or, as we called them their “four beautiful rounded grapes!”)

The couple loved this private and very intimate proposal. As an extra little surprise we added pictures of their children to the background of the menu which they loved and now have hanging in their kitchen.

For more unique and personalised proposal ideas, contact The Proposers


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