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Have you travelled (both UK and abroad) a lot together? If yes, where was your favourite place and why? Do you have any specific memories of the two of you together on this trip?

What has been your biggest life milestone together (e.g. moving in together, having a long distance relationship, meeting each other’s families)

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your partner?

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CastleSurrounded by candles and fairy lightsWith friends and familySomewhere Royal
BeachGreat outdoorsModern and trendyVintage fairylandSomewhere outrageousRoof terrace

Do you prefer staying local or travelling for your proposal? If travelling, is there anywhere specific that takes your fancy?

What key items would you like to include/ have stand out in your proposal? Is there anything that is special to your and your partner?

Has your partner ever hinted at any of the ways s/he'd like you to propose? If so, explain.

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