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Hint Hint

Shhhhhhh….come closer

Bit closer…..

That’s it. Now check that no one’s looking. Boyfriend’s not in the room? All clear? Right, let’s go……

We all know you want him to propose, right? So here’s how to get him to do it! This is your chance to drop a hint (and a subtle one at that) to your boyfriend about your dream proposal. And it’s completley free!

Have you and your other half talked about getting engaged? Do you know it’s only a matter of time? Well, that’s where we come in handy. The Proposers can “coincidentally” send them an email with a little hint regarding proposal pointers and stories to inspire his proposal to you!

And don’t worry… Your man will never track it back to you. He’ll just presume he’s been sent a “random” email about proposing and (fingers crossed) will get inspired and be down on one knee before you know it!

So, if you want us to send him a Hint Hint email then get in touch by emailing


Don’t forget:

  • To include your partner’s email address so we can send him the hint.
  • Put “Hint Hint” in the subject line

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