Daisy Amodio

Meet Daisy, Our Founder

Daisy is an internationally sought after romantic event planner & marriage proposal expert with 15 years’ experience in the creative industry, outstanding attention to detail and flair for the unimaginable.

Past clients include Arab royalty, award-winning actors, and countless professional athletes.

Daisy not only has been named a top planner in the world, she has also been featured in countless publications and regularly appears on television and radio. Most notably Daisy had her own TV series called The Proposers which aired in 12 countries around the world.

Meet the Team.

The team consists of tremendously experienced event planners, Hannah, Sophie, Minnie and Henry who have been trained to the highest standards.

Events planned have involved everything from hiring celebrities, Disneyland, private jets and exclusive venues, to dressing up as cats as waiters, writing Marry Me in coral reefs, abseiling into caves to set-up picnics & hiring James Bond's speedboat!

When it comes to The Proposers anything is possible.

The Team

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